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No proxy available

By Esunat 2012-03-15 15:30
Never been able to even log in to Wakfu. I dont even use a proxy. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Wakfu numerous times, it doesn't work. Loads patches just fine. None of the previous topics with the same subject offer any kind of help that would work, and I just want to play the game.
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Same problem.
Glad that there is someone else with the same issue. It's driving me crazy how there isn't any help available for this problem.
Tried with proxy and same message: No proxy available.
Updates the game fine when I start the client. When I try to login there's always that "no proxy available" since beta.
Same problem!It drive me crazy that I‘ve tried any way to fix it but no one worked!
me too same problem -.-
I have same problem, but i didn't set proxy sad 
Necro thread back from the dead!

Servers still down for the patch / maintenance, for at least 2 more hours... it's in the server status forums. Probably even longer given it's patch day.
Apple-Berry is almost certainly right that it's the update and server maintainance causing trouble, but typically during updates I receive a different error message (I can't recall the specifics right now, but "planned server maintenance" is specifically mentioned). No proxy available sounds like a different sort of problem.

But seriously, it's probably the update for tonight.
thx, I just thought server was back =.=
Yeah the Proxy error is a new one. I can assume Ankama purposefully took down their proxy server to prevent any attempted logins... or intentionally crippled our clients until they're ready to push the file that directs us to the login servers.

The reasoning would be to smooth their upgrade process and possibly not allow the previous people who were ddosing the server from before.. to do it again.

Just a guess.
Yup. I'm getting this, too. ohmy

My EN character can get into Remington, but gets "No proxy available" when trying to log into Dathura.

My NA character gets "No proxy available" when trying to log into Nox.

Edit: Troyle's post.

Okay. tongue 
No Proxy Avaible, it drives me crazy -.-
I'm having this issue right now, Is the server still down for the fix? I feel like there is a small lack of communication right now as 2pm was almost an hour ago.
Said remington is up, still getting "No Proxy Available" error.

What's up with that?

EDIT: nvm...
aaaah yes not just me then that got happy though something was wrong with meh XD
Same problem here
How much time we have to wait for log in Wakfu? :T
What in the hell is this no proxy shit? I've never used a proxy and I was fine last night. Its 9am cst, is the server down?
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