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Can't Purchase Anything

By Fluttercrash 2013-12-04 01:33
There seems to be no way for me to purchase a Wakfu subscription. Yesterday, both the credit card and PayPal options were unavailable, likely because my account was, my credit card was not accepted even though everything is in order (balance, billing address, no holds, etc.). I opened a ticket yesterday for the "unavailable" issue and one for today's problem (AHN-901509).

Still waiting on any kind of response. sad 
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Try clicking "show payment methods first" Then try subbing.
Can't buy anything either. Since November actually!
The payment system is broken for a lot of people. Opening up tickets doesn't seem to work. The only subscription I was able to purchase is the monthly reoccurring and paying for it with PayPal. However it won't let me buy anything else, including Ogrines, so any micro transactions I want to make for items in the shop are out of the question.
Same thing here, I cannot buy a god damn thing and it is so annoying. I've tried everything, tickets, paying from the French side, making a thread in the forums but nothing.
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