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Can't buy ogrines

By Tebianco 2013-11-13 01:04
I've opened a ticket (# BOL-448861) but it wasn't replied :/ Anyone else having this problem?

Btw, I have 0 ogrines, so it's not that I reached the limit or anything, it just won't show methods of payment or anything like that.
First Ankama intervention

Thank you for sharing your ticket number, it will be looked into. smile 
See message in context
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Thank you for sharing your ticket number, it will be looked into. smile 
me too and i cant subscription for one bip only in spain comunity, help me plz unlock "one bip" im from mexico lvl 110 sacrier
Sabi|2013-11-13 07:21:40Hi!

Thank you for sharing your ticket number, it will be looked into. smile

Thanks for the attention but is this going anywhere? It's been some (10) days already and there was not even an answer to my ticket yet.
Here we go again!

I can't buy anything, not available for my community.

What the HE** are you doing?

  • Updater is not working
  • e Commerce is not working
  • Support and submit tickets also does not work
What now?

My history, I had subscribed for 3 months, my subscription is ending. But I can't subscribe again.

What I should do, find another game similar to Wakfu? (Optional) (Remedy YES)

Square Enix - Failed!!!
Ankama - Failing too?
Is this being looked into? /: All I see are more posts but no signs of being resolved.
Yeah, I have the same problem since 6-nov-2013.
I have the same problem :/
I have the same problem. It started since the ogrine suscription change. It has almost been a month and I don't see any answer or solution. And its the company itself (Ankama) that is losing money from susciption...I think this problem should be a priority.
I have the same problem!! Since november 6 i can't buy Ogrines!
SABI this is an actual problem, some players just can't buy ogrines or get subscriptions, I've been playing on Nox since the beginning and for some time like august that im not able to buy ogrines and now i can't get a subscription either (this started in november) Please check this, and if this is just an error please let us know, or people from another country in this case me that im playing in Mexico won't be able to play on Nox server anymore? if thats the case i think we need an oficial explanation so we can stop this useless thread.

I already sent my ticket to your ankabox 1 or 2 months ago so im not planing on sending it again, if you can't fix this or if this is just an option so people playing in other regions can't do it anymore please please let us know so we won't be wasting our time.

I know you guys are busy with all the new content going on but we are a lot of players with this problem and we don't know whats going on and i think we deserve at least an explanation, thanks a lot for your time.

I don't understand why Ankama is ignoring this problem! Lots of players have been complaining about not being able to buy Ogrines and nothing is being done about it!

We have this problem since November 6 and WE PAY TO PLAY THIS BUGGED GAME!!!
Cannot buy ogrines also.
I'm from Portugal, I can only buy stuff here through paysafecards.
I see that I can pay subscriptions with it directly, but if I ever need to buy other stuff only available with ogrines, I'm screwed.

I plan on buying a Scroll of Absolution to reset my main character once I get all endgame equips and max level, since Ankama cut us out of the well deserved monthly reset we all were entitled to, but like this it's impossible.
And no, I won't do that crappy quest, I have a life outside the game and can only spare a couple hours a day for this, as a stress relief from the daily life, I'm not going to grind for items like a wakfu addict just to do one reset.
I cant buy ogrines and subscription for code, Im from Mexico and its part of North America community, why I cant?
don't be rude and answer us SABI

If I choose another country of residence, like France or Germany, I can see payment options for Ogrines, but can't test it right now because I didn't buy paysafecards yet, nor will I until I need Ogrines/need to resub my account.
Spain and Portugal don't have payment options for Ogrines.
So I ask to anyone that tested it, is it safe to buy Ogrines by choosing another country of residence?

I already tested it, I think ankama have a kind of IP filter to ogrines (This item is not available for your community) , because I can subscribe with some friend's adress outside my country, but with orgines i still can't. Btw i'm using paypal as payment option(subscription), but tried with prepaid cards too (waste of time and money).
Thanks Nakolino.

Then all we can do is wait for Ankama to grow a brain, hire a team of proper professional programmers/developers and fix the issue ...

(Bracing myself for the banhammer, I don't care anymore)
Ankama really screwed up in the last ogrine system update, i think they should downgrade to the last working stage, at least till they fix it. With the Multiman release, almost all my friends can't acess the content, because whe can't buy ogrines.
hi me 2
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