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Credits for the crafter

By krishsakti 2013-02-02 05:52
sorry if there's already post about it,
Just like the tittle say, when you craft something it would be nice if your ign crafted on it too..
so people may know who craft those items and may encourage people to become crafter too..
so what do you think guys? rolleyes 
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have mercy on coders :c
thats gonna remake several structs and add like 5-6 new functions, which is going to be followed by a month of testing.
Not to mention that stacking for almost every crafted item is going to be almost impossible.

Imagine you want to create one of those legendary items and you need the following:
99 of crafted item X
99 of crafted item Y
99 of crafted item Z
99 of drop X
99 of drop Y
99 of drop Z
Those drops won't be a problem but getting 99 of the crafted items from one source is going to be a problem.
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