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Important InformationBy: [Sabi] - 5 days ago
Welcome to our new forums! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community to share their WAKFU experience, ask questions, get help, share feedback and most of all… to socialize and have fun.  Please consult the Forums Rules of Conduct (here) in order to get acclimated, as well as sharing your feedback on the new layout and current look of the forums (here).
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Revamping classes [Sadida] W.I.P.
By Kikuihimonji 2 weeks ago
75 1129 52 minutes ago
Dungeon token quest
By ByAllMeans 8 hours ago
0 20 8 hours ago
Wakfu, A Social Update!
By SirFerrett 21 hours ago
7 230 18 hours ago
What if pvp was... way better
By RyoChazaam one week ago
10 350 yesterday
How about a little review of the automatic sidekick stats?
By TheRogueCat one week ago
4 144 2 days ago
Marriage in Wakfu
By Tasme 2 days ago
1 64 2 days ago
About "serial crafters".
By lCE3 5 days ago
8 143 3 days ago
Theory crafting a relic rework
By beenutohtwo 4 days ago
6 126 3 days ago
Upgrading The Quality of Gear
By VoidSettler one week ago
3 146 4 days ago
about masqueraider and sram double costume
By mosquito03 one week ago
2 101 4 days ago
Runic Recycler and Kama Minting for Haven Bag
By MiiiiKy one week ago
8 167 5 days ago
Occullege Maps and PvP Maps
By Azumite 5 days ago
0 36 5 days ago
Ankabox in Wakfu
By SirFerrett 6 days ago
3 99 6 days ago
Make ecaflipus a little more open
By OoTLink one week ago
0 66 one week ago
A Message board!
By SirFerrett one week ago
5 127 one week ago
>Add more NPC to add more life to the game
By Toastman7 one week ago
7 195 one week ago
Patch 1.51: Sidekicks Problems and Solutions
By MiiiiKy one week ago
4 128 one week ago
Blank named characters
By Fortune-and-Prosperity 9 months ago
5 428 one week ago
Tavern and Gambling Joints
By SirFerrett one week ago
1 68 one week ago
Initiative Display
By AvaratarTeddy one week ago
5 188 one week ago
Haven Bag Music
By crawfish33 5 years ago
9 961 one week ago
Add token exchange machine to Brutas's Tavern in Astrub
By Gelgy one week ago
1 119 one week ago
Making us click thousands of times for tokens....
By Diamond4Ace one week ago
11 459 one week ago
Sadida Revamp Suggestion
By Xillor-The-Shadow last month
51 1215 2 weeks ago
The Third Sadida Rework Thread
By ChaosThief 2 weeks ago
11 371 2 weeks ago
Dungeon key box --> Transmutation Box
By StVeil 2 weeks ago
3 183 2 weeks ago
"Kroskama" section for forums
By Rezilia 2 weeks ago
0 67 2 weeks ago
Shushu (New MMO)
By Rezilia 3 weeks ago
12 467 2 weeks ago
Interaction Features in Fights and Weather
By Niddhoggy 2 weeks ago
2 106 2 weeks ago
New Element - CQC
By Rezilia 3 weeks ago
29 665 2 weeks ago
Community Expectations of the Wakfu 2017 Roadmap.
By ShadowFacts last month
37 2057 3 weeks ago
Ankabox in game + Marketing in game
By SirFerrett last month
1 113 3 weeks ago
Protected resources: let them more evident
By aitanuas 3 weeks ago
1 177 3 weeks ago
Can we simply, yunno, make it possible so people can't PK random players?
By MiiiiKy last month
22 773 3 weeks ago
Account Wide Market Phone App
By StVeil 3 weeks ago
3 152 3 weeks ago
Runic Tuning
By Rezilia 3 weeks ago
15 373 3 weeks ago
New "Proof of Ownership" Method
By Rezilia 3 weeks ago
0 118 3 weeks ago
Speed up Krosmoglob walking speed
By MiiiiKy 3 weeks ago
8 296 3 weeks ago
Additional Class System/ Major Overhaul
By Iadz 3 weeks ago
1 125 3 weeks ago
High level bread sucks.
By fico1 4 weeks ago
16 495 3 weeks ago
The 9 Demons' survival, their followers, and the Shushu Era.
By Rezilia last month
15 528 3 weeks ago
Impending merge?!: The Haven World Dilemma
By 1bigbamf 4 weeks ago
2 166 4 weeks ago
Almanax Buff wtih Almokens
By ugoff 4 weeks ago
1 97 4 weeks ago
Ultimate Tool / Swiss Army Tool
By ugoff last month
6 214 4 weeks ago
Haven worlds are amazing, yet they haven been touched for so long.
By fico1 4 weeks ago
0 62 4 weeks ago
By Funksits last month
0 56 last month
Could we get a "Last Connected" field in the Guild Window (General Tab)?
By rhayam last month
6 215 last month
Pandemic (Barrel Damage)
By Xillor-The-Shadow last month
0 88 last month
The Rise of Astrub (new questline and nation)
By Rezilia last month
0 104 last month
The whole entire Ankama can revamp bread system but not pvp?
By Pokerfire101 last month
5 371 last month