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Art of the Heart~

By Tomo-Ryuutei 2013-02-27 09:53
Welcome to my Art thread.~ Love Valentine~

Monsters of the World of Twelve are mercilessly slain each and every day, so I decided to do some Monster appreciation art.~

1st up the Loveable fluff balls the 'Gobballs.'

Piwi's!! biggrin
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amg, those piwis are so feathery fluffffyy > 3 < and yes, much love for them gobbies theyre forever fluffy and adorable > 3333 <
Gobballs got their very own Pride Rock biggrin 
Awwwwww how cuteeeeeee. The gobballs are so roundddd and fluffyyyyy. o:!!!!! Awww the little one is wagging his tail. Hhahaha!!! And the piwis are adorable too.
I love your bold outlines and colorings o: Good job!!! : D
Looks really good! nice work.
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