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RP: Knowledge is Power

By OM3GA-Z3R0 2012-10-30 12:15
I decided to start a little role play from the inspiration of all the others I read, you may chip in and make your own character in this (Hoping this will be a success). Anyway when you're going to make you 1st post please state your characters name, nickname, race, age, gender and description/personality. I hope you all join in and have a fun role play like I am hoping for.

Main Theme
This story/RP is mainly about finding the secrets in search of a ancient tome that contains information on everything about the world, all its unanswered questions and even how to render the Dofus Eggs useless (Dragon eggs in Orgrests possession that makes him extremely OP) which may be the only means in overthrowing Orgrest but others tend to use the secrets for their own gain and the main characters (Thats us) ventures in the World of Twelve to find this powerful tome. lets begin. biggrin


Name: Shariko
Nickname: Riko
Race: Iop
Gender: Female
Age: 17

White long hair, slightly tanned skin and have a average height for her age, she always wears a red hat with a feather attached to it(very obsessed and possessive, won't let anyone touch the hat), very caring and sincere to friends and can take a joke or two, but does get serious when she really needs to. Truly hates being called Dumb, Stupid, Iop-head etc.

7 years ago

"Haha what a Iop-head, she doesn't even know what a Moogrr is!" laughed the lil Osamodas kid, the children began laughing at Riko for not knowing a simple animal in the World of Twelve, all the children surrounding her, pointing at her and chanting: "Stupid, stupid, stupid" over and over again. The little Riko shouted: Oh yeah? Well um you all are such disappropriate jerks!" the crowd got silent but then the laughing continued, a little Cra replied to little Riko's bad response: "You're using the word disappropriate wrong you dumb Iop haha!" Riko just stood there listening to the other kids chanting, breaking into tears and then started to run away from the crowd.

Present year

The streets of Bonta in 5th Bond Avenue was crowded with markets. Artisans from all over the world set up stalls to sell their wares. A man stood in his stall shouting: "Grand novelty books! Books from all over the lands of Sufokia!". A woman came by to the stall and picked up a book and asked: "How much for this?" The man saw the womans face and gave a huge grin and said: "Hehe you have good taste as always Shariko, I was going to sell it for 100 Kamas but for you I give discount."
"No need, I will pay in full." said Riko, she paid him 100 Kamas and walked off while reading the book amongst the huge crowd walking around her.

(Well theres my start now its your turn to help me add more to this story. LETS GO!)
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Name: Dr Meier J. Rosencra
Nickname: Seriously, just call him Meier. (My-er) No-one bothers with the rest. wink
Race: Xelor
Gender: Male
Age: It's hard to tell with Xelors, but he's probably in his early 30's.

Less heavily armoured than most Xelors (his line of work doesn't call for much fighting, but don't think he can't defend himself), Meier still has the mask, chest plate and leg armour, made out of a dull bronze-coloured metal. His bandages are a calico colour and aren't too dirty... I suppose (haha). He wears a well tailored coat the colour of dark rust or blood that's been dry for a while. Gross. :/

In terms of personality, Meier is a scientist through and through. He is very intelligent and this is a trait he values in other people. He's direct, very patient and likes to consider things from all angles before forming his opinion. He's pretty easy going and has a good sense of humor, though it can be a little dark at times. His most evident flaw is his near constant lateness, but he'll be there when it really matters. He wants to believe the best of people, but usually prepares for the worst in them: over the years he has learned to be ruthless when the need arises. He is guarded and secretive. Despite being a little unusual on top of all this, he is genuinely compassionate and luckily for him, mostly people find him likable enough to overlook all his weirdness (not that he cares much about what people think of him) and slightly sinister laugh (it's not on purpose, it just comes across that way...).
Meh, Xelors.


As usual, Meier was running late.
This might not seem like such an unusual bad habit to have, but one might reasonably expect a Xelor to be better at time management. Unusual is what Meier does best though, and whilst he knew he should probably make more of an effort to be on time, he generally didn't bother. As it was, he was forced to take a short-cut through one of Bonta's busiest markets to get to the university on time. He was supposed to be giving a lecture on the applications of Xelor magic combined with various other fields. Today he was dicussing haven-bag technology, but what he was really interested in was the precursor technologies of the Eliatropes. However, since the disaster with Nox a few years ago, he'd had to put that particular area of study aside- Xelors manipulating Eliatrope tech made people very uncomfortable now. In fact, Xelors did full stop. Even before Nox, it wasn't rare for people to describe Xelors as 'unapproachable' or just 'creepy'. Now this unease had turned to hostility among certain groups, and Meier had been keen to avoid the market for this reason. Mostly he was indifferent to it, but the feeling of eyes on his back and sometimes the whispered instructions from mothers to their children to 'stay away' was in equal parts irritating and hurtful. Resolving to use these crowd parting abilities to his advantage and escape the market as quickly as possible, relief rose in Meier as he finally turned a corner into one of the quieter lanes-
-only to smack straight in an Ioppette with her nose in a book.
Today was not going so well.


Out of character: Hello! I've never done any of this sort of thing before, but it looked like fun ('knowledge is power' caught my eye- I'm a firm believer in this quote, haha), so please do let me know if I'm doing it wrong or there are any rules that I need to know about. smile Cheers!
Btw, I have a picture of Meier if anyone wants to see what he looks like... I just wanted to know if you wanted me to upload it to a different thread or this one. smile

ALSO: I assumed everyone knows who Nox is when I wrote this, sorry if you don't! (main antagonist from season 1 of Wakfu- google him!)
Upon being bumped into a mere stranger, Riko flinched and tried to regain her balance but failed to do so. She fell into a small puddle of mud that just happened to inconveniently be their, not only her clothes got dirty but also her new book that she just purchased. She stood up and began wiping the mud chunks off of her, ignoring the fact that the massive crowd were staring at her with worrying eyes.

Riko turned to the Xelor with irritation and said: "I really hope you have a good explanation on why you have the need to..."

she immediately stopped her sentence when she realized that her red hat just so happened to fall onto the Xelor's head, her hands tightened into fists as if she was ready to punch him, as the crowd seeing this they immediately disperse and continue on what they were doing.


(Hehe I am very amazed on your character perspective and your way of words, the way you draw out your character is great, I had feared that no one does this anymore but seems there are a few left, lets hope more joins intongue anyway just stick with your character and basic rules are no insulting other peoples characters only if its in the roleplay and no godmodding (making the story go your way and not involving others.), I shall be doing that so it can lead things to the main story, check the forum thread daily to see if any new updates were made and last rule is to have fun smile)

yeah would love to see how Meier looks like, would help give others a differant view on others characters.)
Character name: Inamora

Age: 19

Race: Cra

Personality: Average intelligence, quick to judge, likes to generalize, EXTREMELY CLUMSY(WARNING!!!), good sense of humor loves jokes but grumpy when jokes are made about him, has a thing against hats, Hylophobic( HATES TREES)

Description: Im Tall,tan skin red eyes and long white fare hair with a clean shaven face does not like hats. I was born in the great nation of Brakmar in the town of Gnashville to a Cra mother and a Sadida father. I originally wanted to become a disciple of Sadida but failed after an incident involving fish over running the town(QQ it was not my fault QQ) the Eco system did not return to normal after months of fishing and a bad smell always in the air i was chased out of town. I made my way to a nearby town where i made my trade as a traveling handy man which made me face my life long fear of TREES!!!The fear developed into hate as I enjoyed crafting the dead trees into something that can actually contribute to the world of 12. I never owned a permanent residence as i traveled all over the world of 12 as i became a renowned handy man known for my woodsman ship

Present day:
it was a long day for Inamora he had just come to 5th Bond Avenue to procure some Bonatarian wood for a job in upper Amakna in a town called Emelka to repair a baby's crib after it had been damaged in one of Ogrest's storms. The young while browsing some Ash wood at a market stall something caught the edge of his eyes a commotion in the streets as a young Iop and a Xelor were arguing over some stupid hat.
Inamora wanted to hear this argument as he recognized the Xelor, he was a highly educated university professorial and the Iop well was an Iop he wanted to hear Brain VS Brawn.
So he went further to investigate but stumbled too close while trying to get a good ear and tripped over a loose stone in the street and fell face flat in the puddle that previously housed the Iop"Stupid Bonatarian streets!!! they cant make anything right" he shouted before noticing the splash caused by the puddle impact had got the Xelor's bandages wet and the Iop wet making her looking even more mad than before.
(out of character) lol sup Omega im joining you!!! and the xelor in a quest for useless eggs!!
Meier was really late now. He was also covered in mud and might actually have to clean his bandages for once... then there was that Ioppette. She was covered in it too. He should apologies to her (though, what kind of fool walks through Bonta's busiest market place with their nose in a book? An Iop, obviously...). It was then that he realised that there was something on his head... and the Iopette was staring with a kind of fixated rage at it.
"Err, hello. Sorry about that... is this your hat?" Meier said, increasingly aware of the Iopptte's growing rage. "At least it didn't get dirty, eh?" He said with false cheer and went to pass it to her- oh wow, and now she looked even madder because he'd touched it. Great. This looked like it might get ugly- Iops were well known for their eagerness to fight. Meier subtly made the signs for a spell behind his back... if she attacked him, he'd be ready.
Just as it seemed the tension couldn't get any worse, a spectacularly clumsy Cra face-planted into the mud at their feet... getting mud all over the hat. All attention was now on the Cra... poor thing. He couldn't have picked a worse time or place to trip over. If the Ioppette didn't look like she was ready to kill everyone, Meier would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Perhaps he could still talk his way out of this...


Thanks very much, Omega! Looks like it'll be fun. biggrin
And hello Raath! smile I laughed when I saw that your character hated hats. xD
Two Bontarian guards noticed the commotion and began to walk towards the group, "Hey! Are we having a problem here?" one of the guards asked as they walk closer. Riko grabbed her hat and wiped it a bit before putting it on her head, she calmed down a bit and turned towards the guard and replied: "Nothing at all sir." she gave a innocent smile and continued: "This clumsy Xelor ran into me while I was heading back to the tavern, as you can see I'm covered in mud because the Xelor wasn't looking where he was going." Riko stopped and picked up her ruined book and continued once again: "I just purchased this book earlier which cost me 100 Kamas and you should know that earning Kama's these days are rather... difficult."

The guard turned to the Xelor with a stern face and then looked down on the Cra and asked: "So what's his story?"
"Just a clumsy Cra, missed his footing and drenched both the Xelor and I with more mud." replied Riko.

The quiet guard broke out of laughter, the other guard turned to him with a serious face to shut the laughing guard up. "I'm glad you found it amusing." said Riko, trying her best to hold her anger with a sweet smile. The one guard helped the Xelor up and said: "Well I'm sorry to say but the three of you have to come with us, you were disturbing the peace and thats a crime in this part of Bonta.
Wait, what? Did the three of them just get put under arrest for falling over? That Iopette... she looked very calm now... had it been an act? No, looking closer, Meier could see that the anger had been real. She was just hiding it now from guards... playing the victim instead. Huh. Cunning. He hadn't expected this from the Ioppette, but he wouldn't underestimate her again. Besides, maybe he could still get out of this...
Brushing the guard's hand off his arm, Meier said, "Excuse me, officer. But am I to understand that we are being arrested for tripping over? I know Bonta prides itself on being the seat of law and order- and rightly so- but surely arresting us over an accident is excessive?"
Now to the Ioppette: "Miss, it seems we were both at fault, but I offer you my apologies once more. As for your book... well, perhaps I should introduce myself first. My name is Dr. Meier Rosencra and I am a lecturer at Bonta's University. If you would like to accompany me to the university, I'm sure our head librarian can repair any damage to your book." Meier really did want to help her fix the book- if there is one thing he could respect, it was those that worked to educate themselves.
That Cra... Meier just hoped that for the Cra's sake, the guards hadn't heard his comment about 'stupid Bontarians'. Oh well, not much he could do to help there.
Anyway, time to wrap things up here: "Well, I hope that settles things here... if you don't mind, I'll be on my way now officers..."
'Hope that worked...' Meier thought. 'and hopefully that Ioppette will accept my offer about the book and let this go... otherwise, Bonta's prison might get three more occupants'.
Name: Moritz
Nickname: No nicknames; Moritz tends to stay formal. Y’know… ‘just business’
Race: Sram
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Modest (steals only for the thrill, doesn’t enjoy hoarding treasures and coins), Humble (hates seeing people flash their wealth on others as well as avoiding to do the same), Tends to stay professional (almost to a no-nonsense attitude), Snarky when the need arises. Reserved (tends to say only on what is happening). Tends to overanalyze situations.

Wearing a simple, chalk-white, skull-etched mask, and dressed in a drab, dark hooded cape and robes, many might think of this Sram as nothing but a common vagrant. Of course, that’s what Moritz WANTS you to think. Born and raised on the decadent streets of Brakmar’s many cities, Moritz has trained (through trial and error) years mastering the arts of stealth and subterfuge. From stealing simple grilled gobball steaks to even stealing one of the riches ‘nobles’ valuables (based on a dare of the local thieves guild), Moritz has finely crafted his trade to that of an art form. For him, the thrill for the theft far exceeded monetary gain. Of course, the extra kama didn’t hurt either. With such a reputation gathered, Moritz would want nothing more than to stay under the radar applying his trade in the bowels of Brakmar, away from prying eyes until…

2 weeks ago

The robed figure was following Moritz. He knew since no one would think twice of thrashing a vagrant. Then again, this was the city where coins speak louder than action, so anyone with the kamas and the grudge could get away with stone cold murder. Of course, those who DO get their kicks whipping vagrants for their money knew full well not to mess with this Sram. Still, a master thief knows when to draw blood and when to run, so Moritz tried zigzagging through the city’s many streets. After a few hours, when Moritz was rid of the figure, he reappeared… IN FRONT of Moritz.

Wow, this guy WAS good!

Moritz drew a blade. Gotta do this fast, and clean!

Moritz lunged for the targets neck, but the blow was blocked by a sudden appearance of a…shovel?!

By Rushu's Fiery beard! This guy was fast! Something tells me I’m way over my head!

The robed figure dropped his cowl, revealing an aged Enutrof, with scars across his left most face.

Judging by his scars, this old bwork had seen a lot of fights, and lived to tell the tale.

“Well now, I had heard of the cunning Shade of Brakmar, but I never thought you would be this easy to trek you down!” the weary faced old man spoke.

“Yeah well, Y’know… reputation precedes me, and all that! Now speak up old man! Why are you after me? Looking to cash in on my bounty?! If so, here's a freebie: I recommend going to someplace other than Brakmar! Those boowolves would find a way to skin kamas off you if given enough chance!”
Moritz replied.

“Oh no, my dear… 'friend'. I have something that could make me… and perhaps yourself… rich beyond measure! Would you care to listen?”

Moritz listened to the old man’s proposal…

Present Day

The master thief entered Bonta that very morning. A vagrant like him walking in the cheerful, colourful streets of Bonta might have drawn some unwanted attention to him, so he stuck with the alleyways (or when the need arises, using the rooftops), moving around and questioning any booksellers for ‘the book’.

The old koot didn’t give as much detail about the target as Moritz would hope. But, then again, the Enutrof knew too much about Moritz, and that made the Sram very uneasy.

Still, where there’s an Enutrof involved, there is great riches to be found, as the old saying goes. And he DID pique Moritz’s interest, which was all that the Sram ever needed. Besides, Brakmar was getting really old and stale and it was high time to apply his trade outside that damned nation…

Later that morning, Moritz was staring at the spectacle from a nearby shady alleyway. What would have made a simple Grab and run suddenly cleared from his mind when the guards approached the ‘bumbling’ trio.

So, the little Iopette has the book now? This might get… interesting. At least, I HOPE it’s the right book! The Cra is quite useless, if that display of clumsiness is any indication. Then again, it could be a ruse. As for that Xelor, he looks like he knows how to fight, and xelors are well known to be time manipulators. He could be the trickiest one to knock out if the need to fight arises…

Moritz studied the discussion that was going on. It looked as though the xelor had it under control though, but knowing Bonta’s strict laws (thanks to ‘aquiring’ some books from the local Brakmar Magistrate once), this might not work in his favor.

Still, best to watch and see what happens…

OOC (Out Of Character): Hey there, Manic Mansion here. I've read your thread and I'm interested in joining. I was thinking on RPing a Cra, but Raath has taken that spot.

As for how Moritz will join the team will be dependent on how Omega runs the RP. Looking forward to Roleplaying with you peeps. biggrin
Name: unknown
Nickname: People call her "Blue-hair" because of her long light blue hair.
Race: Sadida
Gender: Female
Age: unknown but looks like she's 10

She is shy and prefer to avoid being center of attention. She don't like judging other's. She remembers a blue floating cube that she was touching. She remember the feeling of deep pain while doing this and she also remembers that she was absorbing Wakfu power from it. It was then when her hair turned to the light blue colour. She is very skilled as for her age but she cant unleash all her power at will. She lost all the memories that took place before the incident with the cube and as such she doesn't remember her parents and where she came from. She's traveling alone, trying to survive somehow and learn about her past. One of her favourite tricks is turning to tree thanks to some flasks that she had with her. She learned how to prepare them but she is missing ingredients and as such she have to rely only on these few left that she have. She managed to travel on boat (unnoticed) to Bonta. She's stealing food to survive. She was once captured by Bontarian's guards but thanks to her skills she escaped.


She's wearing common sadida "cloths", nothing special, just leaf's here and there. Her blue hair are messy. They have gained blue colour because of the wakfu that she have absorbed in the past. She is dirty, doesn't care about her look. Despite that she is a charming little girl with big blue eyes.

"Blue-hair" was very hungry this day. She were trying to find the opportunity to steal some api's from Bontarian's market, but guards were everywhere. Luckily for her some iop, xelor and cra took attention of the two. People were busy watching what have happened and no one noticed her stealing few fruits. She saw guards taking them to arrest. She was thankful and as such she decided to help them.
When guards left, she have summoned little bramble wich, while emerging from the ground, forced the doors of the room where Iop, Xelor and Cra were, giving them a way to escape.
She did this while being outside the building, near the room. She fled right away without being noticed by prisoners.
~ water ~
Riko, Meier and the Cra all stopped at the back of the university panting in exhaustion from running. Riko looked at the building as it was old but very architectural, like it has been built before the time Bonta was a mass nation, while she was looking at it she was pondering about those mysterious brambles, who was controlling them, and why did he or she help us, even though it is a mystery she turns to the main thing at hand. She turned to Meier and stood infront of him, she bowed and said softly: "I'm sorry for causing you trouble, my actions were abit immature and so I apologies for the inconvenience." she raised her head and took out the book and continued: "You said someone can fix this?"


(OOC) Glad to see more people are joining and we are about to reach our character number limit (6/7), thank you all for joining, let us hope we all can co-operate on this roleplay.

Also I would like to remind some people that Godmodding is a no-no, due to the fact the story got skipped so suddenly from talking our way out of being arrested from managing to escape so quickly, I recieved some PM's stating that the story has gotten confusing and too sudden, please members evaluate the story carefully and don't rush things, let the plot problem be my baby so I can help all of you and myself on what the hell is happening, take your time, evaluate the situation, try to adapt it with your loving character and enjoy this roleplay.

( happy)
('') ('')
Of all the times Inamora's clumsy take on life had gotten him into trouble he thought that this time at least he was not in Gnashville being chased by angry villagers he thought to himself he quickly noticed that none of them had eaten a hot meal or washed as they all needed one being muddy and dirty then going to a guards barracks then mysteriously escaping because of an unlocked door. He intervened before the xelor could answer the Iops question" i don't suppose you live near the university Meier as its getting late and the library should be closed this errand of fixing a book can be done tomorrow and i don't suppose you would lend a Cra a warm bed for the night?" he asked
(OOC) Thieves remember their no use in stealing the book yet as now it is broken so careful how you adapt the plot plus i like this RPG i hope it makes steady progress QQ
Meier had had his share of crazy days, but he hadn't one like this in a long time. He'd been stunned when they'd been arrested (I mean, really! Bonta ought to be a bit more judicious), but even more stunned when they'd actually bothered to escape! They would only have been in prison for a few hours- a day at most. The guards said it was 'standard procedure' and they'd be out soon. When the doors were forced open, Meier wasn't going to do anything- but the Cra and Iop had bolted. Meier had run after them on reflex, telling them to think about what they were doing, only to realise that he too had just escaped and then he decided he may as well keep going. They were now technically fugatives in Bonta... if the guards came for him, Meier would just have to lie and say something like 'the doors were unlocked, so I thought we were free to go...', or perhaps he should just plead temporary insanity. People seemed to think Xelors were prone to it, after all, he thought with dark humor.

They had arrived at the university. He looked over his two 'travelling companions' (ha!). He'd thought he'd seen someone following them earlier in the day... but he couldn't be sure. Meier decided to keep that to himself, for now.
It was about then that the Ioppette apologised to him. He hadn't been expecting that, actually. It seems there was much more to this Ioppette than many would think... he also didn't think these teenagers knew how much trouble they'd be in if Bonta's guards decided to press charges for escaping arrest,but figured they'd find out soon enough on their own. Instead he said "Thankyou for your apology- I accept" and smiled, though it was hidden by his mask. He was about to answer her question about the book, but the Cra cut him off. Meier frowned behind his mask. Ah, now that the Cra mentioned it though, it was rather late...
"Hmm. As a lecturer here, I have lodgings in the university... I'm not sure what can be done about you two though... there is probably somewhere in the university you could stay for the night." Didn't these kids have homes to go to? Whatever- so long as they didn't cause trouble in the university, Meier didn't mind if they stayed. With the number of students that stayed over night, no-one would notice a couple of extra teenagers. "First, let's get your book to the librarian- late though it is, I'm fairly certain she'll still be awake." A pause. "Also, what are your names? We've recently escaped prison together (though I can't fathom why we bothered), so we may as well introduce ourselves...". Truthfully, he was getting to used to mentally referring to them as Clumsy-Boy and Hat-Girl: if he did it any longer, he might say it out loud, haha. That might be awkward...


Long post is long, sorry! ;A;

I was kinda hoping that either Meier would be successful in talking them out of trouble; or wouldn't be and we would get to write out the hilarious fallout of how they were arrested anyway. ;P

Also, seeing as how Meier is a responsible (well, partially, lol) adult with a job at the university, I can't imagine him being willing to endanger his position by escaping from prison (especially since they really wouldn't have been locked up very long). He prefers to talk things over first- appeal to reason, before taking more drastic measures. Plus, Cra and Ioppette didn't really seem the type to do something that silly, but I wrote it in for the sake of continuity. Just thought I'd mention...

Also, welcome ManicMansion! I like your character- 'just business'. Cool. wink
Welcome to our other new members too. smile
"Ah hehe I'm sorry I know your name but you don't know mine, my name is Shariko, but everyone that I know calls me Riko." she said as she gave Meier a handshake after that she continued: "I originally came from Emelka in the Amakna nation, I was just passing by Bonta just to purchase some books since they were having one of their big market parades." she paused for a bit fiddling with her hats feather and said: "Also I'm looking for someone." The atmosphere began to get a little heavy the way she said it, it almost sounded as if the person she was looking for was a long lost relative or close best friend but that just in her expression. Riko looked back at the two that was staring at her, she backed up a bit and said with a smile: "eheheh why look so serious?"

They kept staring at her trying to read her expression, Riko tried to divert their attention someplace else and asked the Cra: "And you? Whats your name or should we just call you Clumsyboots?"


(OOC) lol Clumsy-Boy and Hat-Girl XD
"My name is Inamora i am originally from Gnas...Goubblard Boulevard i came to Bonta on Business(although i think that contract in Amakna will have to wait;poor baby hope it doesn't cry too much till the crib is fixed) I used to be a Brakmarian Guard for a year or two but my clumsiness got me a dishonorable discharge and i eventually learned fix the stuff i broke and became a traveling handyman without residence." And what is your interesting story grand father clock?(he focused his gaze on the xelor)
Pffft. 'Clumsy boots'. Meier faked a cough to cover his laugh at this. Looks like Riko had been thinking along the same lines as him...
So the Cra was called Inamora... and he was a former Brakmarian guard. Brakmar. Meier stiffened at the mention of the nation, but quickly hid it. He looked over Inamora once more- he didn't seem the type to be a guard (and certainly not one from Brakmar), but then that probably explains the dishonorable discharge. Was he truly that clumsy? Meier made a mental note to keep him away from fragile objects...
Let's see... Riko was an Ioppette that enjoyed reading, Inamora was a clumsy Cra, and Meier was a Xelor that was always late. 'Ha- what excellent examples of our races we are.' Meier thought wryly. Oh well, at least different was interesting.

Inamora was speaking to him. 'Grandfather clock? haha, haven't heard that one before' Meier thought to himself with dry humor. 'My interesting story, hmmm?' Meier wasn't sure what he should tell them. The simple fact of the matter was that he didn't know them and he didn't trust others easily (never a good idea). Meier was secretive by nature and made even more so through experience.
Knowledge is power, after all...
He needed to tell them something, though. Best to keep it simple.

"Well, follow me to the library- I'll tell you on the way. There's not much to tell, really."
'Blatant lie'
, he thought. 'Oh well.'
He began: "I travelled a lot in my youth and learned from some of the great scientists of our time. A few years ago, I was offered a position at Bonta's university and was very keen to work here for a while. Apart from teaching, I am researching ways of combining the magic of the various races with technolgy. We think that's how the Zaap portals were built by the ancients. I think the research has a lot of potential."
He decided not to mention that he himself was involved in studying Eliatrope artifacts- Nox had made many people wary of Xelors with access to ancient technology and with the luck he'd have today, they'd probably turn out to be fanatics. Come tomorrow, they'd likely be gone- no reason to risk starting trouble.

They were almost at the library. Good. The perfect excuse to change the subject. "Here we are! Riko, I'll see if our librarian-"
He never got to finish, because at that moment the librarian spotted him:
"Dr Rosencra! What do you think you're doing spreading mud through my librbary?!" A scandalised voice bellowed at him from with the labyrinth of books. For a tiny Eniripsa, she sure could shout. Meier looked down at his coat- he'd forgotten about all the mud. Ooops. He was friends with the librarian, but Xelor help the person that brings dirt into her domain...
"Ah! Alia- I can explain! Well, sort of." Meier grimaced at thought of having to relay the day's events. Instead, he looked for Riko and pulled her forward. "Before I start with all that- believe me, it's a long story-, there's a book we're rather hoping you can fix."
There. Alia can't resist restoring books.

Sooo long! ;_;
Riko handed over the book to Alia, the book has came into contact with so much mud, the possibility to fix it seems almost hopeless in which she hopes that this Eniripsa can fix it. Riko turned to the archives of books, minding her own business as Meier explains his story to Alia, she took books and immediately started speed reading them, almost as if she's just paging through and not reading a single word, once finished she puts the book back in the shelf and takes the next book that interests her.

To her this seems like heaven being in a room of just books and completely ignore all that is around her. Suddenly Riko had the feeling shes being watched, she looked around and outside the window she caught a glimpse of a shadowy silhouette. "Maybe its just my imagination" Riko thought and went back to her reading while listening to Meier telling Alia about the day they had and noticing Inamora just sitting on one of the chairs just to keep out of trouble. When Riko thought about the incident she gave a little giggle, only realizing now that it was kind of funny.

Someone entered the library and shouted: "Alia, why are you still here? The library hours are over for today!" Everyone turned to the person and saw a old Feca probably in his 80's, the old Feca looked around and said: "Ah I see you are all having a party here well you all should know that I, Mr. Fredio do not tolerate party-goers."

Riko heard that name from somewhere before but where?


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Inamora heard an old mans voice being raised as he was sitting down trying to stay out of the way and trying not to break anything but that voice gave him a fright and made him shoot right up off his seat and bump into the shelf filled with expensive looking books but he grabbed it just in time and held the shelf with dear life as to prevent a cliched domino effect but then the bolts loosened on the Shelf caused it to fall apart"Bonatarians can't make anything right" he mumbled under his breath " Actually that is a Brakmarian make as you can see with those grooved carvings" Inamora felt embarrassed looking up to notice the old Feca" As long as you either pay for it or fix it yourself it is" he said while looking very angry ,Inamora nodded as to try to not say anything to feel any more stupid and reached into his trusty backpack for tools that he had to use more often for free than he would like,and got working.
Inamora knew of Fredio he was a famous adventurer his tales were told all over the world of 12, from Amakna to Brakmar and From Bonta to Sufokia and even all over the Isles everyone knew of the Famous Feca as he got older he decided to settle down with his passion of History and Archaeology to become a university professor and Later Dean of the very University The Cra was in.
Fredio was in a grumpy mood and hoping for a payment he didn't expect the Cra to be handyman but quickly changed his attention when he noticed a young Iop staring at him while holding a university level book.
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Mr. Fredio looked at Riko with discontent and said: "What do you think you are doing with that book? that is not a toy!"
"Of cause its not, it's a book and it is meant to be read which I, myself am doing at this moment."Riko back chatted to Mr. Fredio, he had a confused look and then he burst out laughing and replied: "Oh that's a good one, I never heard a Iop reading a book at university level before, if my memory served me right in which of cause it does, I remembered that Iop's are... less educated than all other 'normal' people in the World of Twelve." Mr. Fredio smirked at Riko when he gave her that insult.

Riko closed the book she was reading, took a deep breathe and sighed to keep herself calm and then gave Mr. Fredio a cheerful smile. "Why, Mr. Fredio you certainly know how to use a sharp tongue, but of cause a man of your stature shouldn't possibly be putting all his efforts just to insult a poor little Iopette like me." Mr. Fredio felt uncomfortable with the Iopette's way of words, for he has never experienced a mere Iopette to speak in a manner of etiquette.

Riko continued: "However, even though I'm an Iop I am certain that I have much more intellect than you, you can ask me anything and I will answer it as quickly as possible, because lets face it, your spongy grey matter that you call a brain inside your cranium is rotting away right now and all your valuable information stored in it will wither away like a forgotten memory." Mr. Fredio gasped in disgust: "How dare you!"
"How dare I? How dare you discriminate me just because I am an Iop?" argued Riko, a aura of rage emit between the two as they glare at each other. (things seems to start to heat up)


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Blue-hair had good intentions when she used bramble to give cra, xelor and iopette the way to escape. She didn't waited to see if they fled or not. She tried to hide behind barrels when suddenly she noticed enripsa and sram that could have see her. Blue-hair frightened and tripped over while moving back wich caused one of the barrels to collapse. Water with strugeons that were inside this barrel all covered poor sadida. This noise attracted guards:
- Hey you! Thief! Stop right there! - shouted one of the guards
- She's stealing food again! My strugeons! My fresh fishies! - panicked ecaflip with grey fur and small white beard - owner of the barrels
Blue-hair knew what it means - she was in prison before and didn't wanted to get back there again. She started to run but other guards showed up. Some bow meows started to chase her too as she was smelling like fish. She knew that the only way to escape is to reach forest, however guards blocked her way.
- Not this time, blue-hair! - guards lost her tracks in forest too many times to let her escape now. If only she was a sram she could propably hide in shadows. And to make things worse her hair makes her easy to notice (wich makes some people wonder why bontarian guards have problems to capture her).
- Only three flasks left - she thought to self - But i have no choice - she decided to turn to tree once she lost guards from sight but when she picked flask one of the bow meows jumped on her and she dropped it on the ground. The flask broke and the elixir was lost.
- No! My flask! - she shouted. Guards obviously heard this.
- Over here! - one of the guards called for his companions as he spotted blue-hair in alleyway - You have no way to escape now!
Blue-hair fall on knees and hands. She put her look down like if she was giving up.
- No! I'm not going with you! - as she shouted multiple brambles emerged from the ground and blocked whole alleyway. She raised quickly from the ground, climbed brambles and started to run on the building's roofs, jumping from one to another.
- Don't let her escape! - guards were still chasing her.
Unluckily as she stepped on the roof of library, the roof, made of wood, collapsed and blue-hair landed on the feca.
Now it's clear why guards didn't noticed your escape - they were busy chasing little girl. tongue 
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