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posté Today - 20:26:14 | #1
Until they make dolls have higher % of Sadida HP, the HP stat will be completly useless to pick for Sadida. If you want more survivalability invest in Block (stat, not the doll) instead.

I think its sad that HP build is no longer viable for Sadida as it used to be. Now dmg dealing is the only way to go, and its not the best considering Sadida low base dmg, because it means we will never outdmg other classes, so dmg way is not the best for us. But its the only viable so just... we have to deal with it... i suppose.

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posté Today - 02:33:18 | #2
Clearing dungeon with friend

Clearing dungeon with sidekick

Planning strategy for UB

Each time i make doll in Nun dungeon...

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posté Yesterday - 22:37:04 | #3
I'd say it depends on the dungeon. If fights are easy and boring and you gain nothing or close to nothing from them (low exp, trash drops that just make you waste more time after each fight as you have to delete them) then i hate such runs (example" Wooly dungeon" to get royal wool from boss are like torture because you have to repeatedly do the first rooms that are not fun at all).

However in dungeon that are fun to do each time (i enjoy kokoko dungeon for example) then i don't mind doing it multiple times.

Another issue are drop rates. IT is said in encyclopedia that koko beard has 25% drop rate, and i can sometimes see each memeber drop it or few of them. However Clammy Beak of snapper dungeon has the same drop rate of 25%, yet its either no drop or just 1 drop per whole team, so i think the drop table is broken or numbers are not valid in encyclopedia. Either way getting 20 clammy beaks is pain while getting 20 kokoko beard is easy and enjoyable (they are both needed for Kwoac's Leg craft).

So like i said it depends on dungeon.

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posté Yesterday - 22:31:18 | #4

Quote (Gynrei @ 15 April 2014 16:28) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 15 April 2014 10:04) *
Why not making dolls controled by default instead? To avoid situation when Sadida lag out its turn - with 6 dolls summoned it will make team wait 3 minutes and 30 seconds before someone will do something.

That's what i meant. Ankama could even reduce the timer given to certain summons like dolls. Make a 15sec timer for dolls. I can't imagine we'd need more and it would help prevent abuse.
Reducing timer is the worse thing you can give. That way if controled doll will get laggy you will not do what you wanted to do within those 15 seconds. Therefore they cannot be controled by default, but like i said with a spell that is cast with 0 range (on self) with 1ap cost - that would do the trick. If you won't want to control the doll and play fast with their ai, then you will simply not cast it. However in certain situations with map that have many inconvenient cells that may cripple the team, it would be good to make you control each doll - hence why you would use that spell. I suggest simple change to Vaporize spell that in order to control all dolls we would cast Vaporize on self (and get 1 ap refund). Its simple change because it only make vaporize change the rarget needed to make dolls controled and it control all dolls not the target - in similar way green guard nettle all dolls, so should be easy to code that and we shouldn't wait for such change long.

But all of the ideas are pointless if designers won't read them. I fear the "global change to all classes" that they've announced as i fear they will keep sadida underpowered comparing to other classes and we will never get improvement to be in pair with others. The ONLY real imprvoement without the nerf sadida received was when Heal mechanic was changed to be affected from general dmg%. That patch improved sadida healing spells (base values), but sadly it improved the lone sadida build of water branch. We have yet to see improvement in summoner gameplay.

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posté Yesterday - 10:53:25 | #5

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 15 April 2014 10:31) *
Well, having both, Gobgob AND a summon out at once would be balanced in your opinion?
Not to mention that there would be no point in going only fire summoner build or only earth gobgob build, because you could just go earth and use both.
You DO want me to suggest something right? you are the first kind of person, who say it would be overpowered. The point is that it would obviously need some changes in dmg and or resist and or AP costs or something else (range?), but for the balancing, fun gameplay and multiple purpose sake this would leads to some "nerfing", and other person will complain to NOT do that.

Of course the idea would work with the gobgob of the past, like someone have already noticed. The point is that this change would allow for multi element osamodas builds to be more viable and more .. flexible to use. The gobgob could be weak "by default" but spells cast on it by osamodas could be stronger. If osamodas wouldnt cast any spells on gobgob, then it would deal none or close to no dmg itself, it would just be a walking obstacle or maybe it could have ability to swap places with targets while doing no dmg to them (by default) and with dmg if osamodas cast earth spell on it (and perhaps better range added when osa "buffed" it).

The gobgob that deal no dmg itself "by default" and simply change earth spells of osamodas to water if osamodas cast them on it, would be as balanced as fire osamodas attacking with air or fire spells. The point is that earth spells would be then useful with other summons on the field thanks to gobgob present.

You see currently its fire or air dmg from osamodas + dmg of creatures summoned. Making it viable to use earth spells with their current effects on gobgob togather with the dmg of the summoned creatures but without the added dmg from gobgobs own spells, would make it balanced between each branch of osamodas. As long as earth spells are used to heal or shield, the fire are used to increase dmg or resist (or other stats) and air could be a sheer dmg dealing (dmg higher for osa spells) that doesnt buff summons at all (except whip cast on summon directly).

So it IS possible to balance this out, but not without some changes to gobgob, that someone will complain about not being able to cast that 1st spell of gobgob twice.

The only real drawback of this change would be that osamodas would have possibly 3 creatures on the field intstead of 2, but lets face it - its summons are already too good and some "no dmg dealing" obstacle would just make it harder to dodge them, and thats all (or block enemy in certain situations, though its possible even now). Therefore someone would ask for lock nerf or dmg nerf to osamodas creatures, and someone else will complain, even if osa will gain ability to make gobgob swallow back the summons for that sake.

You people either want fun or you are aiming for raw dmg and boring gameplay of spaming the same spells over again for the whole fight. In case you ask for the 2nd thing, don't ask for any changes as current osa is fine for you.

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posté Yesterday - 10:36:35 | #6
Why question about the "weights" of stats in items haven't been answered...

Here's another (i doubt you will answer but oh well, let the community see you choose only the convenient questions to answer):

Category: Class revamps
Question: You are planning to revamp "all" classes with some change that will affect everybody, however Sadida class is still messed up and remains underpowered (compare explodoll to firewall or massacuring mark for example) and some specialities are not worth using (doll link) as they doesn't give much or work against other specialities (lone sadida). Therefore will you rebalance, change or revamp certain specialities and spells of Sadida in order to make them useful at level 0 too and to make them worth maxing as first, no matter wich speciality we choose it to be? And most of all: to make Sadida able to support allies to the very end (make it receive less dmg passively - for example: with dolls summoned, the more dolls, the better tanking abilities sadida should have)?

Category: Players feedback and comunication with game designers
Question: Is anyone other then players reading "class" sections of the forum or are you checking only "suggestions" and "bugs" sections of the forums? Because you are loosing A LOT of feedback if you are not reading class sections. I remember Heralds helping to forward the feedback to You, but now Heralds doesn't exist anymore.

Category: Players feedback
Question: If a players suggest something on the forum with details - can you add such changes to the game as they are stated by the player OR you have to always mix it up with your ideas that just will break the concept of the feedback from the players that suggested things? I mean... anything we post on forum have no credits, you are free to use that, right? Or players need to add " i don't want credits for that" in their post to make you use all of it?

Category: Crafting revamp
Question: Your idea is to make us WAIT for some NPC to craft item for us, but that doesn't solve ANYTHING. The items should be simply crafted INSTANTLY with the amount of the items we possess in inventory, instead of making us wait 6 seconds for each item to be crafted, 1 by 1.... Will you consider this?

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posté Yesterday - 10:22:15 | #7
I would suggest some changes but this community is hopeless. People will either say " it would be overpowered" or "its too much" OR they will say "why you nerfed this or that!".

Read: We want changes but we don't want changes.

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posté Yesterday - 10:09:45 | #8

Quote (DarkHHHHHH @ 15 April 2014 03:55) *
This is the best image EVER.

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posté Yesterday - 10:04:21 | #9

Quote (Gynrei @ 14 April 2014 16:20) *

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 13 April 2014 09:40) *
I think problem with Sadi is similar to the problem Feca had before revamp. It's not a bad class, but it's not what this class is about. A "Plant summoner" is mostly useful when you're not using summons. Most of the people saying Sadi is good is talking about healing/shielding/lone sadida, anything but dolls.


I keep wondering how many problems would be solved for Sadi if dolls were controlled by the player. The small HP of dolls is an issue but let us control our dolls and we'd be a much happier class.
You can control them (with vaporize).

The problem is HOW we can access the controling state:

Each doll need to be targeted by Vaporize wich require LoS and it becomes worse because dolls are meant to and usually... spread out, so having 1-4 range on Vaporize is not making it easier. What's more you cannot control 1 doll with 1 spare AP because you need 2AP first and then you will get the "useless" 1AP refund, with wich we can only make Sic'em More or... sacrifice the doll (wich is worse thing you can do with that 1 ap after you controled the mentioned doll, makes it pointless)... so basically only Sic'em more is what you can use and only if maxed.

They could simply make it 1 AP spell with no LoS and better range (sounds like sic'em more description?) but even then it won't be enough because in order to control 6 dolls Sadida would need to spend 6AP! Thats a lot of AP! And we only make dolls controled... Quite not fair. They should give Sadida 1AP spell that makes ALL DOLLS ON THE FIELD controled when Sadida cast it ON ITSELF (0 range).

Why not making dolls controled by default instead? To avoid situation when Sadida lag out its turn - with 6 dolls summoned it will make team wait 3 minutes and 30 seconds before someone will do something. If dolls are not controled by default (like now), then dolls may still attack even if Sadida itself lags. I think it was 2 days ago when due to Protoflex lagging me out i managed to still win the fight ONLY BECAUSE i managed to summon dolls first, wich killed the enemy with their AI (i couldn't do anything myself after Protoflex 2nd turn, dolls saved the day).

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posté April 13, 2014, 00:34:04 | #10
It clearly says in its effects that when its cast "On beacon" then it destroy the beacon.

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posté April 13, 2014, 00:21:33 | #11

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 12 April 2014 08:36) *
I also agree, Earth/Water Sadidas are FANTASTIC. At near-endgame, you guys make or break a team at the higher-leveled dungeons. Shielding the tanks/allies, locking enemies with Blocks, healing allies, AoE'ing for decent damage, hell even using Voodoll to help your DPT friends are all great; sad that not many people realize how great Sadidas are, apparently.
I belive everybody can tell that Sadida is "useful" and "helpful" but even more could say its "underpowered" and have "too coslty" summoning and combos and some "completly not worth to get" specialities.

Therefore i am not surpised someone is loosing faith in Sadida.

For shielding i'd go for Feca. It can deal great dmg and add shields of decent amount while doing that dmg (add the shield and the dmg and you get overpowered dmg ratio). Sadida is doing crap comparing to Feca. Though you can stack the shields on 1 target, but it makes you waste ALL of your AP with very small dmg ratio on the shielding.

I understand that you pick sadida for shielding and healing only, as its the only class that do both, but like i already said you are missing about 70% of Sadida potential by not using dolls at all. Period. The sad thing is that dolls are not effective enough on higher lvls, dies too fast, cost too much... etc all know the story. So people keep ending up with lone sadida build. And thats just sad to me. Makes this class concept completly ruined if more and more people follow the "ignore dolls" route. Better choose different class. Thats my opinion.

One more thing: if you shield, you dont heal, and if you heal, you don't shield. Doing half heal half shield is not effective as shield will be too small and heal would have been of better. Shielding is better if you get too high heal resist% on target or for the UB fight where you want to give "a bit more additonal health" to tank. Then again you won' be healing but spending all ap on shield. So better choose feca for that purpose. Or go for eniripsa. Both feca and eni are doing greater dmg then sadida. You will be less frustrated for doing low dmg if you choose ... ANYTHING but sadida, as its the only class with pathetic dmg, forgotten and misunderstood by new ankama designers.

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posté April 12, 2014, 00:16:02 | #12
I don't want to be rude but if you are choosing summoner class and refuse to use summons... it's like playing a healer class and refuse to use heals. I suggest you pick other class from wich you could use all specialities to its fullness.

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posté April 10, 2014, 13:40:21 | #13

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 10 April 2014 13:19) *
greedies deleted or replaced by another doll...
Worst idea EVER.

Greedies are my favourite dolls. And ability to have spread out dmg is beautifil. Taking out ability from dolls to deal dmg would be the last nail in the coffin. Its fine if osamodas summons do dmg so its fine if dolls do dmg as well. Following your logic even sram's double should not deal dmg, none of the summons. And if they cant do dmg then they shouldnt heal either, because heal is reverse to dmg.


What i meant by its their problem is that each doll might take 3 seconds from own turn if its not controled. ITs not THAT much, even with 6 dolls. Drheller takes down way more time from players as it uses up all 30 seconds to move mines and players around. The only problem here is when sadida lag, then all dolls lag too. And thats the only issue. If dolls would not lag for sadida (in fact if none of the other players would lag either) while sadida tries to "reconnect" or have lag issue, then it would be all fine. So problem here are not dolls but the slowing down system during someone else's lag.

And it is THEIR problem that they are angry for dolls. How come sidekick that takes more time doesnt annoy them but dolls do? Its in these people mentality that they are used to spam dmg and pass as fast as possible, without any summons. I know a cra who got annoyed when i made 1, literally 1, inflatable that i used to heal while not breaking the "incurable" challange. It got annoyed because it wanted faster fight. And funny because after fight we had to wait for him to heal up. So my point is its people own problem how they react to summons and whatnot.

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posté April 10, 2014, 09:26:03 | #14

Quote (Neneko88 @ 10 April 2014 05:24) *
Yeah ignoring what works (totem) doesn't help Grou make the right decision.
These are the kinds of decisions that ruins classes. Sadida is the class Grou doesn't understand, if he sees this idea he might do this and ruin the class even more.

If you look at dofus and how dolls work there, they have high stats (a lot of hp and damage is good instead of bad). Either dolls cost 2-4 AP to summon and keep current stats or make them stronger and keep current AP to summon
You have to be more precise if you say 2-4 AP Grou will think "oh so its fine if they cost 4AP, and thats what the greedy cost now so i dont need to change anything".

Imo dolls should be both: cheaper and more durable. By more durable i mean that each doll should have equal resistances. I don't understand why greedy have lower air and earth resist then water and why its fire resist is almost non existant and doesn't help in higher levels at all. It seems that my water dolls that deal water dmg are meant to tank the water dmg dealing enemies who have high water resist in same time : something is wrong here then.

If my water resist on greedy is 120% then it should be the same for fire and other elements too. I wont use fire doll to tank fire dmger.

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posté April 10, 2014, 00:49:47 | #15
You ignored half of the arguements.

And the point is that people will then only make 3 dolls in one cell to have something aka "summon with 3 charges" wich will then lead to complains that it take so much time from turn to create and that without doing this dolls cannot survive properly.

It only means dolls need higher survivalability individually. Merging will only make dolls look even worse when not merged. And this is what i am against.

You can as well say osamodas doesnt have to summon strongest possible summon but can make few weaker ones - of course, but its not effective so its obvious it wont do that. Same will happen with dolls if they will get the merging option. It would kill this class concept. I don't want another osamodas-wannabe.

And dolls in multiple places on multiple cells are not the issue - its utility. If other team members cant deal with that then its their personal problem that they cannot co-operate with dolls. I bet they will also rage when enemy monster will make its own summons or when some helix will teleport them far away. They should adapt to the situation. And if Sadida made mistake by placing doll in wrong cell, then its problem of the sadida for doing mistake, but its not problem of the dolls as they are.

Controling dolls, voodoll, ability to make doll with "ethereal" - those are better solutions.

And why should i be forced to sacrifce dolls in some order after they are merged? Sacrificing should be faster, not slower and i should be able to decide by myself wich doll i sacrifice first. If i merge madoll, inflatable and lethargic i might want to sacrifice the lethargic because it wont reach anyone to heal, but if it wasnt the first one in "merged" group of dolls, then i will have to sacrifice the other doll first? That would be horrible! Will add unwanted difficulty to this class. Concept of merging looks nice in theory only.

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posté April 09, 2014, 20:18:22 | #16
They could add effect to vaporize called "Ethereal" that already exist in game (when cast on doll) instead of the control thing, and allow us to control dolls by default or (if making them controled by defualt will be too much of a nightmare if sadida lag its turn) by 1 ap spell that is cast on ourself and let us control all dolls instantly.

The ethereal from vaporize would solve the issue for ranged classes in team, a (better) voodoll would solve it for melee.
Melee classes can use dolls to get to enemy (sram, masq, sacrier)or can aoe on dolls (or push them), we don't mind that as we can make new doll. Doll is an ally that may die if other allies find it to be fine for their tactic.

I am often partied with an iop from my guild and he never complained about my dolls. He was more complaining about pandawa throwing him when he already planned his movement in advance.

I still think merging dolls would give more problems then solutions. If dolls could do that by themself it will screw your idea of blocking certain cells. If they could do that only if you control them then it could make dolls bug out in their turn if they start it as merged and not next to target. Sacrificing Y doll would be impossible if it was merged and we would need to sacririce doll X first, and its allready annoying that we have to cast sacrifice twice per doll to remove it. Clearing the cell from 3 dolls would be even worse. And some people would consider such fusion as an doll with 3 charges (as it would require enemy to kill 3 dolls to get through that cell). Then again people will complain that summoning "1" doll require them to summon "3" of the smaller ones first and then controling them to make them merged, as it would be more efficient or rather the only reliable "doll" (in form of 3 dolls merged).

Hence a big no to this idea. It will hurt sadida gameplay more then you think. And i bet it would make developers nerf sadida spells again in exchange for having dolls with resist and with ability to fuse them to "something that act as charges as it need to be killed 3 times from 1 cell".

So, sorry but, no.

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posté April 08, 2014, 22:45:20 | #17

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 08 April 2014 22:30) *
Well, the dolls could be killed one by one, as someone already suggested, even when merged.
In what order?

If they are standing 1 on anther then at least its obvious wich one will get killed first.

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posté April 08, 2014, 22:27:19 | #18
I could only accept the idea of 1 doll standing on another doll (in a way pandawa does with karchamrak) and if enemy would need to destroy the doll 1 by one (the one that is carried would fall down to the doll that got killed but would not suffer dmg if the doll under it is damaged).

THAT would be great. But would obviously need AI improvement and dolls would need to be like some "higher ground" for other dolls (and for other dolls only).

SUCH change could make us summon blocker and greedy doll that would move on its head, making it a combo of locking and damaging doll.

However dolly sacrifice would also need to be modified to sacrifice the dolls 1 by one starting from the one on the top first i suppose.

Yet i think it wont solve the issue with los, as people will still complain that you placed the doll there and there. Voodoll is solution, just that it need improvement.

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posté April 08, 2014, 22:23:20 | #19

Quote (Neneko88 @ 08 April 2014 22:13) *
You know how you reduce dolls and them blocking LOS? totem

you lose a WP with every totem, that means less dolls to summon (and you give your group LOS)
see how it works?

ankama already had the solution with the 100% of a target's HP totem from beta (it has to be the old totem..not the one doll on the ground that you can step on or this doll that runs away).
Yes totem is was solution. However i dont think dolls need to cost WP to make it viable option.

Problem of totem was only that enemy couldnt detroy it in any other way then with pushback dmg. It was also impossible to pull totem out of the bridge where sadida could troll others in pvp.

And these were the ONLY issues. Aside from that totem was perfect. I can tell it was still better then what we have now even with those issues.

We can now move the voodoll (swap with it, pull it, push it, ,drag with k'mir) but the fact that we are destroing it while using it is just stupid and with only 40% of HP is just too low, and those 3AP are laughable "help" of Ankama side, wich only made 12AP build able to summon voodoll and cast mudoll 3 times on ally (they only improved lone sadida water healer build).

But basically, yes Voodoll could be the solution to the alies that want LoS to enemy, IF ONLY it was standing in place (0MP) not lose HP from allies redirecting dmg via it AND no LoS to summon it to target. Then it would be perfect and we won;'t need any merging.

+1 to neneko.

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posté April 08, 2014, 22:12:50 | #20
I think it would be nteresting if Sram could swap place with its double in some way (to reach target or to confuse enemy where is real sram) perhaps with the ability to also swap the order in wich sram and double take turns.

Oh and i think that sram's base dmg should be lowered but it should deal more then average dmg when backstabing + it should have easy way to backstab enemy.

I was thinking that Fear could push by 2 cells and turn target to face Sram (and apply confusion). This could help sram to backstab enemy after pushing it and get out of the troublesome position.

Perhaps Sram would also need some spell to pull target out of the map edge as i can tell its boring in pvp to always fight like that vs srams.

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