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posté Today - 13:07:14 | #1
For every doll we summon we loose cmc%? Doesn't that sound... awkward to the concept of having multiple dolls? "We will be rewarded by... loosing cmc and... getting another base dmg?" So a trade of base dmg to dmg%? Sounds pointless to me.

If anything sadida should GROW in power (just like it does now) not loose the power (even if its cmc). And i don't think we need change of dmg% to cmc% because dolls have mastery of sadida so increasing dmg % of sadida increase dolls dmg. Air dolls have lower dmg% for a reason to still make greedies useful. However they could have 100% air dmg mastery and inflict halved base dmg of air spells that would be fine too, but the point is that there's no point changing dmg% into cmc%.

What i would like to do is to have decent shielding (when i support) while still having dolls summoned (when i support). Changing dmg% to cmc% will nerf the shielding so it will be none of a change to what we have now - and thats one of the main issues.

I agree that sometimes you might need to have that dmg% increased faster then 30% on first turn. For that purpose i was thinking about lone sadida change:

+10% dmg per Control at start of Sadida turn.

Wich means with knowledge of dolls we would get what we have now, but we would get the posibility to start with more dmg% if we get access to equipement that doesn'nt nerf our dmg and give us control bonus. For example with Kwoac's Leg we would still have cool AP weapon and +50% dmg at start of turn instead of 30% and with Tammed Abomination pet it would be +60% every turn (cap is still 150%). If someone would get possibly 8 control it would reach 150% cap at 2nd turn already - something similar to what Xelor can do with Temporal Prism and Dial dmg bonus. OH and it would require control gear so its not like we get free dmg for nothing (well we do but we get it faster if we get control).

Such change would be a solution to your need of "more dmg at first turn" and solution to "equipement" for summoners and "no need for summons in this fight" issues as well as help for dmg% and shielding while having dollls. It seems like perfect suggestion to me, even though i had different ones in the past (i had criticized my old suggestions, so its not like i am always right).

As for gravity state on blocker that sounds nice and would force enemy to dodge (or push?) but i think that making nettle to stabilize dolls properly (until start of sadida next turn) would make blocker fine as it is because enemies will be unable to push it nor swap place with it and they will also have to roll a dodge OR jump (its reversed to your gravity idea so it just depends if we want enemies to not jump or to not push the doll). If K'mir would last longer then now then i think your gravity idea would be better becayse we would propably use ultrapowerful doll with k'mir if we would want to keep enemy from pushing the doll... though ultrapowerful doesnt have lock of blocker... So... i don't know. Stabilization sounds easier to me as it only require Ankama team to make it last longer then now. Gravity effect is interesting though. Perhaps Bramble could make enemy "rooted" to ground (and unable to jump) instead? Don't get me wrong i liked the idea, i just think it would be nicer on spell.

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posté Today - 11:37:54 | #2
Yay its Earth's Day! Yay Sadida revamp!... nevermind

Thread : News  Preview message : #719881  Replies : 14  Views : 296
posté Today - 11:29:25 | #3

I do read and i am still waiting for people to make some cool suggestions to this class. I am trying to look at the worst possible scenario when i am reading suggestions to avoid unwanted gameplay, abuses and annoyance, as well as looking for balancing while keeping in mind the PvP aspect and UB fights and remembering the PvP with other classes that were fighting against Sadida (while i justify also if the person who was fighthting failed to win even though it could or was that just equipement difference that determined the winner) and by Sadida i don't mean just my pvp but other players who play them as well.

And to your information i DO play in wakfu.

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Just that i quit subscribing - i am in SEA server if you want to meet me. Like i said i won't sub if Sadida won't get better and i am gonna keep that promise. I am sorry that you haven't met me in game for long but it doesn't look like i am going back to remington.

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 23 April 2014 06:41) *

The masq is a double edged sword. They create another image of them self and become very weak to aoe damage. I dont know why you compare to this because the sadida doesn't take the damage it's dolls suffer, the masq doesn't get the wp back either nor can they cast the spell again.

I was just trying to give Nidhoggy a pricture of other class and what damage it can do "per turn". I could as well give other class as example, even osa.

Yeah Nidhoggy how you justify the dmg the osa summon deal when it takes 3AP to summon it and it last for whole fight (most likely)? ^^ Do not answer this. I just wanted to say that you should not consider "what if it last or not last" scenarios and simply focus on "what dmg sadida will deal in current turn when it summon 2 dolls with the AP it have" - because thats what makes Sadida so weak.

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Old passives were designed to use dolls, but some of them were useful even without dolls (Tree, Still Life). The specialites had synergy and they were perfect, the problem was that dolls were not perfect and another problem was that HP build was "the only viable option" due to +2 and +3HP per 1 point spend in HP stat after 100th and 200th points accordingly. Currently HP builds are not viable unless you play a sacrier. They switched Sadida from support/tank to dmg dealer attempt, but they did it in a bad way. The increase of dmg per turn would be cool and all IF we could have protection from dolls wich would let us survive long enough for that dmg to build up.

You see before revamp Sadida was able to win in PvP vs iop of the same level (high lvl pvp). At first Sadida had to make dolls and try to run away or cripple Iop's movement with -2MP from madolls or by making greedy dolls and seeds to give iops some problems to reach Sadida - the plan was to make iop waste WP for jump to make it less likely to Wrath on you. However we couldn't run forever as the map has its edge. At the point when we had no escape, and even if we got pushed to corner or that single cell with no escape that some maps have - we could still win vs iops IF we managed to summon enough dolls beforehand, because they were making us receive even half less of the dmg that we would normally get from iop. That was balanced with our weak base dmg. We simply had to survive for few turns to make some dolls and then we became really tanky. We were usually below half of our HP before iop started doing funny dmg to us, but i had the feeling its like sacrier's angrr in reverse: you see with doll link passive we became more "bulky" the longer the battle was (the more the dolls we had). So we were getting hurt badly at first but then we started getting less and less dmg, eventually we were starting to receive lower dmg then we were doing to enemy, wich means we could counter their high dmg by playing defensively for first few turns. The passive that increase our dmg% per turn would fit well in that concept. Especially that currently the game has more and more dmg% equipement and not so many resistant ones with proper dmg in same time. What i am trying to say is that this game become more and more of a berserks pvp - high dmg, high ini, low res = finish fast or die fast. Such concept doesn't fit Sadida - the "lazy" class, that take time to "grow" in power. Therefore we need the passives that we had before the revamp - the ones that were working around dolls.

Current Sadida that doesn;'t play with dolls is only using Lone Sadida passive to be honest so there isn't much improvement from specialities to "non doll" gameplay. Therefore i don't understand why they removed what was cool with specialities related to dolls. Sadida have decent spells that work even without passives. However if it comes to dolls - they need a lot of improvements and gameplay with dolls should be IMPROVED as we level UP, not less attractive as now. This leads to conclusion that all passives should be related to dolls in some way. Even passive that increase dmg of Sadida should work with dolls. And Doll speciality should not cost WP if Tree cost WP to make it possible to use both in same time without decresing the number of dolls with each Tree cast.

The only real problem that sadida had before the revamp was wp cost on dolls (and we had no wp refund, just +1WP from speed bonus, wich was also taken from sadida for like a year or so) and the fact that killing dolls was the easy way to kill Sadida in pvp. Revamp gave us wp refund passive, wich was improvement that fixed this issue but left all the other issues with WP. As long as we could gain WP in "unlimited" number from speed bonus, wich means we could use Tree and not loose the doll potential, we now lost such possibility as casting Tree wont refund us with WP. Making Tree with no WP cost had also place some time ago, but it was limited to 1 use per FIGHT, and people didn't wanted to level speciality that would be used only once.

Ankama still struggle to balance things out even though the changes needed are obvious. I want to belive they will improve Sadida and that they just don't have time to do it now (its Earth's Day and no sadida revamp - so sad), but if i read that they will just revamp sram and pandawa and then give some "overall" change to all classes and then they will stop revamping anything for good - it makes me loose hope in this game.

Simple changes such as these would make Sadida better:

1. Cost of sadida single target spell fully refunded when cast on seed
2. Seed with 2AP cost and no more WP
3. Dolls with 100% of Sadida resist as bonus (for example from knowledge of dolls passive) - this would make Tree spell also boost resist for dolls and it will be viable to use it with dolls if they don't cost WP to be summoned.
4. Lone Sadida working with dolls (and possibly 10% per control at start of turn to not make Sadida "overpowered" at level 21 after leveling just 1 passive) - this will give a reason for even those who don't want to use dolls to max knowledge of dolls for that control bonus AND will give doll users dmg increase that is desired.
5. Explodoll with 3x or at least 2x higher values - to make it worth leveling.
6. Doll link - a change that will make each doll reduce dmg that Sadida receive and the reduced dmg redirected to DOLLS (not to voodoll) while also giving the "voodoll link" state to the target LINKED with VOODOLL, wich would either make it receive less dmg (if ally) or receive more dmg (if enemy) - that will make this passive as good as it was before revamp while giving an ally-friendly effect to voodoll.
7. Sic'em more to cost WP and nettle all dolls on the field
8. nettle state to give AP and crits instead of dmg% - to make it possible for dolls to deal more dmg even if they didn't broke the resist barrier, and to not make them deal high single casting spell dmg to low on resist enemies, but rather to deal multiple hits AND to make each trigger of Green Guard increase AP for dolls to make Sadida WANT to get hit multiple times.
9. Stabilization from nettle to trigger at the end of doll turn instead of at start of doll turn, and making it last untill start of sadida turn.
10. k'mir to last until the end of Sadida FOLLOWING turn.
11. Drain to have 1-4 range
12. Rust to have 0-5 range and cost 4AP with CMC% bonus to sadida instead of water dmg% to targeted dolls only
13. Voodoll with 0MP and making it not loose HP when allies attack it to redirect dmg (and making it destroyed from single hit of enemy, but making enemy suffer dmg from hitting voodoll linked to self too). I know other games where there are some shaman type classes with voodolls and enemies attacking voodoll always hurt the one that was linked to it - it was also the case before revamp so i don't understand why they changed the basic mechanic of voodoo concept.
14. Explodoll could also give +1/+5 crit failures to enemies in the zone (level 1/maxed) to make it worth maxing even at early levels.
15. Bramble shielding should last permanently until damage remove them - to not make us feel like not doing anything if the shielded person wasnt attacked (to not make us waste AP for nothing).
16. A self casting spell with either cheap cost and full refund or 1ap cost that will let us control all dolls on the field.
17. A no loS seeds and no LoS voodoll to support alllies LoS and reach allies with dolls without the need to make seeds diagonally when Sadida is trapped in enemies lock zone (and to make use of no los spells to make dolls from seeds without the need to sacrifice the doll with dolly sacrifice in the first place).
18. A quick to cast spell that remove doll from cell without leaving seed in its place (dolly sacrifice change).
19. A dolly sacrifice spell to fully refund cost of Seed (if seed cost 2AP to make it refund 2AP) when cast on not activated seed, without the need to waste AP for dolly sacrifice cast (imo dolly sacrifice should cost 0AP).

... i think its just that and we would be "fine" (though i could add better dmg to sadida's tear to the target linked if we cast it not on that target, higher level of poisons per cast of air spells, etc).

My point is Sadida doesn't need specialites to play well without the dolls. Sure we can make use of Tree or dmg increasing passive if we don't use dolls (and voodoll) but it doesn't mean all or half of passives should be for "non doll" gameplay - it was the fail decision to divide Sadida specialities like that. Why? Because it should be up to players if they want to play tactically (with dolls) or if they are in a rush to clear dungeon fast (no dolls). It should be 1 class - the summoner class - not 2 classes with 5 specialities for each put togather in 1.

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I don't have much time to reply so i will just say this:

YOu have to calculate the dmg the doll is doing in 1 turn to make it fair and ignore if it survive or not situations. There are too many posibilities that will decide if doll will attack or not, if it will reach enemy or not, if it will die or not, if it will get locked or get attack blocked, etc.

Simply put if a doll deal 25 dmg it should cost 2AP. If it manage to hit on another turn, then its like posion effect that keeps going.

How else can you justify the dmg that, for example, firewall deal if it can inflict dmg 3 times to EACH enemy on the field if placed well AND it last several turns easily?

We are talking about a doll that deal 2AP worth dmg to 1 target only, a doll that may fail to do dmg on next turn. If it won't do dmg next turn (wich is usually the case with its low hp and common aoe spells that can still ko it with 1 hit) then the cost of 3AP for 25 dmg wasn't justified at all and it is the reason why Sadida can't compete with other classes.

Look at masqueraider it can double its own dmg for 2 turns making you dead before 3rd turn even start and you are troubling yourself with possbility to make 2 dolls that will inflict dmg in 2 turns worth 8AP total (if they are not attacked and reach enemy on 2nd turn).

Go and revise. I am sick of suggestions that make sadida underpowered with unnecesary changes to make it look "cooler" with trees. Imo tree as summon will be as annoying as beacons. If it comes to dolls we can at least push them if they block the way for allies (allies can push them). Tree as summon is a failure. If you want doll that "buff allies around" then make blocker with 0 mp and give us ability to put mp on it with for example Vaporize to let it walk if needed (or by sic'em more that we already have, that would do too). Or make a spell that will make the doll "grow" (visually) to the size of tofurby, and get doubled resist and 0 mp with no ability to attack but with boosting allies aura as your tree suggestion. why that? Because i doubt you can push the tree (that would be wierd, since its rooted) but you can push tofurby so you could push fat and big doll too, and you will be able to sacrifice it still (and how can you sacrifice the tree with a "voodoo needle put in the doll in your hand?" - makes no sense to me).

I am also afraid that introduction of trees will make people forget about dolls completly, eventually making ankama erase them from sadida class. Welcome to the beggining of the end.

p.s. Oh and the change to make fire doll from any weapon was to make Sadida not doomed to use fire weapons despite not having fire branch, so that change with revamp was actually good. You want to revert it but that will be bad. Do not give us back what was bad. Give us back what was good and keep what is good.

p.s.2 Do not give Ankama any concept with charges even if you are giving them to Voodoll only, because that will make them think "voodoll has chages now, so lets make other dolls with charges too, to make it the same for all "dolls"". Therefore i am against that idea. You have to think what they could think after reading this. Just remember what players were asking to get on revamp and what we turned out to get instead. Its like monkey paw. You make a wish but it turns out not the way you wanted it.

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Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 22 April 2014 14:41) *
You seem very passionate about the class, and I dont want to come off as rude.
But what was the point in the post? Insight into the old sadida? For what reason?
All I did was suggest ways the current passives could be tweaked to support more builds.
For that reason:

Quote (Neneko88 @ 22 April 2014 16:34) *
For the cost totem is a nerf that wasn't needed. Sorry if I come off as being mean but if you remember what totem was you will see why many sadidas who knew the class before the revamp don't like most of sadida's class specialties.

Its not specialites that are related to usage with dolls only that need to have another effect (without dolls) but its specialities that may work without dolls (tree, lone sadida) that should make sadida benefit more from them if it use dolls with them.

Controling dolls "easier" way would improve ultrapowerful gameplay (ranged dmg dealing doll) and will make inflatable heal whom we need it to heal, without relying on AI + it will prevent dolls from walking on stupid cells with effects, but apart from that it wont change anything for sadida. We will be still dieing in pvp before we could do anything or we will try to just shield self to not die so easily but not doing dmg in return will lead us to obvious failure of pvp anyway.

Without cheaper dolls we will be stuck to play without dolls - and thats just sad.

Without dolls having more resist and some more HP - we can't rely on their help even for tactical purpose in higher level dungeons. Its usually better to just kill enemy with sheer dmg rather then try to stop it with some fragile dolls.

Without passive that increase our dmg% (wich also boost dolls dmg - take that note) - we end up not using dolls as we often need to strike through high lvl resistant enemies.

Without sic'em more nettling all dolls and stabilizing them in the end of their turn properly - we cannot have much use of this spell other then increase of mp to targeted doll, but nettling them manualy like that is costly and time consuming, so we end up not doing this and just attack enemy instead, wich leads us to conclusion its better to not use dolls in the first place.

And i could go on and on how Ankama destroyed sadida class by following some noobs idea to turn sadida into ranged fake iop class that throw plants instead of rocks...

p.s. You know how "lone sadida" could look awsome as passive?

Here it is:
Level 1:
+0.5% dmg per Control at start of Sadida turn (regardless if we have dolls or not)
Level 20:
+10% dmg per Control at start of Sadida turn (regardless if we have dolls or not).

Max 150% dmg bonus.

It could be named "Sadida's Shoe" instead of "lone sadida", but putting aside the name the concept of such change would be as follows:

1. It will make Sadida increase own dmg faster, the more it have control, so the better the equip with control, the faster Sadida will build up its power. Starting with 10% on maxed passive if no other control is obtained (all classes have 1 control by default) and getting 30% per turn (current version is similar but this one work with dolls too) if we get +2 control from Knowledge of dolls. It gets better wich each control, but obviously there is cap on 150%.

2. It will make Sadida not good right away after maxing 1 passive (lone sadida) but will give Sadida synergy with other passive (knowledge of dolls) and whats most important - with dolls.

3. With such change Sadida won't be afraid of making dolls when needed but won't be forced to use or not use them either. It will be also effective in summoner equipement even if situation won't ask for dolls.

So, you see, its possible to design awsome passive, but Ankama is either blind or doesn't care.

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posté Yesterday - 14:02:23 | #7

So to have healing doll i need to nettle it? And it won't heal if not netted? Thats like adding more cost (and time) to sadida combos rather then reducing it...

1Ap cost on seed "seems" fine but if it will take me 3AP or 5AP spell to make a doll on that seed, then it will still cost too much. I like that you removed WP from their cost, but we need AP refund more then low cost on seed. The seed may cost 2AP to make each doll cost 2AP. The greedy doing 25 dmg (lvl 100) should cost 2AP in my optinion. You made greedy with 3AP, but that will be "fine" only with vaporize summoning, wich will make me waste exp on that spell only (unintentionally).

I don't think madoll should randomly use its -AP or -Mp effects. I don't want to expect a doll to remove mp to make enemy not reach me but end up making it loose ap and (in case of iop for example) it won't save me at all.

50 base dmg (chromatic) on sacrifical that could be made from 1 ap seed (and 3ap for pushback dmg on it) would be too much combined with explodoll and combined with other seeds nearby.

50 dmg and 50 heal (chromatic) on explodoll is asking for too much from a fragile dolls. Unless you'd make dolls more durable but i see no change to their hp in your suggestion. Even then i think 50 would be too much since its chromatic. I know it need higher base, but 50 is too high, while 10 (current) is too low.

Does Tree cost WP still? I don't want to waste WP to control dolls.

Tree on doll to make it different looking summon that doesn't walk sounds like asking for more summon types, and we don't need that in my opinion. Having more flowers on your rusty car won't make it work better.

Charges on voodoll? Sounds like bad idea still, though better then current one for sure. Voodoll was best at beta days, just bring it back to what it was (when it was totem) with current sprite of doll and ability to move it with pushing, throwing, swaping spells, but with 0mp on it and everybody would be happy.

What you mean by earthquake 100% spawn under tree? If i turn to tree i end turn so.. that makes it pointless? Unless you mean the doll turned to tree - aka summon... But we could simply make earthquake 100% spawn from doll right? Besides how can i not make tree from a doll if it is next to other tree? Dolls willbe not targetable by Tree speciality if near.... tree-summon? Sounds like unnecesary complication to a spell that should be simple (earthquake).

Lone sadida that decrease as we make dolls is not gonna help much. We are not meant to play with 1 or 2 dolls. your suggestion doesn't improve it. you see initiator of rogue work with bombs and is not dependant on number of bombs present, so why making a passive that is decreasing dmg when we make dolls? Its still against being summoner more or less. Therefore i can't accept that.

doll link - whats the point to get 1 ap back when we cast air spells on dolls with limit of 2 spells per dolls? Here you want to make sadida play with dolls, but on lone sadida you want the opposite. Specialities shouldn't work against eachother. Besides i don't like to be limited to 2 air spells per doll. so what will happen to next cast on doll? i will hurt it, destroy it? air spells are "fine" as they are. The only thing that needed change for air sadida is to have cheap to summon dolls and passive that increase dmg even with dolls present, because potential of air spells poison is in ultrapowerful dolls summoned multiple times. Its earth spells that need most improvements (earthquake, bramble shields) and water spells propably need more changes then any other (rust being the worst spell, drain need range 1-4, sadida;s tear should deal more dmg to target linked, vaporize need revamp, mudoll seems to be the only fine spell of water branch but even mudoll need change - it should summon inflatable from seed).

And why you are making passive for 1 element only (your doll link) by making air spells stronger when channeled by doll, while you keep healing passives and specialities chromatic instead of water instead for example? If all passives are chromatic then keep all chromatic. Making 1 passive air when others are chromatic is giving confusion to players. "oh nice i can be any element because this and that is chromatic... but oh wait this one is air so i have to be air to make use of all specialities..."

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posté Yesterday - 13:02:25 | #8

Quote (aquabeauty @ 22 April 2014 00:51) *
And totem works well in pve if you: hits no matter what

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Have a drheller on totem control.
You can as well keep voodoll in place by giving it "fake corner" made of seeds. But obviously it will break lone sadida stacks...

You can also use gust or k'mir to move voodoll... but that would make you waste a lot of AP just to keep voodoll near...

But obviously if you play with allies you may make panda to throw voodoll forward every x turn... but voodoll die so fast that its useful only in UB fight to do so....

Oh and if someone feels like a master of spam of spells in advance you can try the following:

Stand next to enemy near map edge (if you lucky make voodoll there too):
Place seeds near enemy (and near voodoll) so that earthquake would hit it (and voodoll too if possible). Cast earthquake on self, enemy and seeds (and voodoll), cast sacrifice right away on both dolls (cast it in advance after earthquake) and repeat spamming earthquake and dolly sacrifice like that. This will make you receive less dmg then enemy from the earthquake as dolly sacrifice will heal you up + if voodoll present enemy will also suffer 1.5 more dmg from each cast of earthquake. Cast Tree in the end for resist bonus and possible heal (if you have 6 or 7mp).

It is for those who still want to make some use of earthquake, despite it being lame as it is, because... we all know it could have been better then this.

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posté Yesterday - 12:31:23 | #9

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 22 April 2014 05:49) *
I think the main issue is that there really arent that many passives / actives that support non-doll builds. Osamodas in particular have plenty of passives which have different effects depending on your playstyle and it's a shame sadida doesn't have the same.

In my opinion - without a whole rework to sadida Dolly Sacrifice and Doll could be combined together to make room for a non-doll active. Sadida should also be able to be effected by sic em more - green guard should buff them if they are hit and sic em more should be self castable. (wont provide the same buffs to dolls ;D)
In turn, lone sadida could be changed to give +cmc damage when dolls are out, but reset when all dolls are removed from the field.
But im not too sure, as I would like to see a bigger rework to sadidas. But hopefully they will support doll builds / explodo builds and no-doll builds.

It's not quite the way you think. Before the revamp ALL of Sadida speciaties were based around gameplay with dolls and all of them had nice synergy between each other, so that players could choose in what order level them freely.

Doll - same as before, though in beta days (2 years ago or so) it used to cost 1WP only when maxed (we could make blocker doll with 3AP 1WP total, as wild grass had 3AP cost not 3AP 1MP). Dolls had more of Sadida max HP then they have now (madoll had 14% of Sadida HP, greedy had 28% of Sadida HP and blocker had 42% of Sadida HP). Such % of HP made it possible to build Sadida as support - with HP build (support class is only good if it can survive long to support allies till the very end).

Dolly Sacrifice - It used to remove the doll right away so it was faster, though it had 2AP cost, but the heal received was based on Doll's max HP (30% of doll hp before revamp), wich also means that HP build was rewarded.

Voodoll - it used to have several versions from totem, dead doll that anyone could step on (microbot alike) to current version of walking doll. Totem used to be like beacon - we couldn't change its position (if you want to imagine the look of it just fight with Excarnus, as it had similar totems to what sadida had). Totem was impossible to destroy by damage and everything (even push) was redirected to enemy linked with it (or ally). However people could acidentaly (or on purpose if enemies) destroy it with pushback dmg as totem had 1HP and was not redirecting pushback dmg. But usually totem was destroyed when enemy linked to it died. Later on the dead doll version of voodoll was changed to make it possible for enemies to counter the voodoll. Simply put if anyone can walk on voodoll then sadida cannot hide behind it and enemies can attack sadida. However it had huge flaw that dolls used to end turn on the voodoll or enemies were standing on it on purpose to make it useless (it was impossible to use voodoll if something was on it, even beacon). Following complains but in a favour of enemies we got current version of voodoll that run away and suffer dmg from allies (wich was never the case before!). But no matter what version of voodoll we had it was always possible to have voodoll and dolls in same time. Having 4 greedies around enemy (or blockers) was making it impossible for 5th doll (or for melee allies) to attack that target, however voodoll was fixing everything. So even though we could use only voodoll, we were always welcome to use dolls too. This speciality co-operate well with dolls (or at least used to, because we used to get +1WP from initiative speed bonus turn so it was not much of doll loss for voodoll sake).

Tree - it used to nettle all dolls on the field while giving heal and immunity to dmg to Sadida. However if i remember well if that sadida was linked to enemy voodoll before it turned to tree, it was still possible to hurt it via voodoll (wich was fine by me). The point is that people were using Tree instead of sic'em more to nettle dolls, making sic'em more useless. Imo the best Tree would be the one that increase resist of dolls, while sadida resist is increased (wich could be done if Ankama would make simple change to dolls having 100% of Sadida resists). Considering the nettling of dolls, the Tree was also compatible with dolls, even if we could use it without them.

Sic'em More - it used to have different cost and we used to cast it on enemy instead of a doll (in theory dolls were meant to attack target of sic'em more, but ai was bugged and it seems Ankama couldn't fix it so they changed this spell instead to what we have now). I miss the times where this speciality was nettling all dolls on the field.

Explodoll - just like Dolly Sacrifice this speciality was doing dmg based on dolls max HP (30% of doll max HP), wich means the more times it takes to kill the doll, the bigger the explosion. At least thats how it used to be. Dmg based on hp was ignoring resist, wich always gave me the feeling that sadida is meant to counter Feca's huge resist with help of explodoll. Since it was based on HP only, it was the dmg rewarded for being support (HP build) rather then dmg dealer (elementary build). It was really awsome back then, though it was a double-edged passive as it was also hurting sadida and allies within aoe. The concept to make it heal allies instead of hurting them was nice, but making the dmg (and heal) from explodoll chromatic and with such low base value per level made this passive useless, sadly. Anyway putting complains aside this passive is and always was about dolls.

Doll Link - as the name says it was showing the link between sadida and her dolls. Just like in anime, where Sadida get hurt, the dolls suffer part of the dmg it takes. Thats how it was before revamp. It used to be 20% redirected dmg to dolls, per doll, but reduced on each doll by previous doll reduction (the first doll summoned was always suffering more dmg then the following dolls). This passive was the only hope for sadida to be effective in pvp, while being support class. Basically sadida could make dolls to suffer less dmg, then heal up self and make more dolls, or heal dolls with Drain spell (wich used to heal all dolls on the field, it was linear spell with los required and target needed 1-3 range). The heal from drain was nice in beta but later on they made the heal divided between dolls instead of giving them 100% of dmg infliced as heal to each doll (wich crippled drain greatly). You see even Drain spell was based on gameplay with dolls. But going back to Doll Link - it was passive based on doll gameplay but people suggested to make it also work somehow with vooDoll too. However nobody ever asked to remove the doll link as it is now, we just wanted something additonally for voodoll, not a passive for voodoll only. You see, voodoll is also a doll, so if passive affect dolls, it should also affect voodoll in a way. But making it work only with voodoll is like making explodoll work only with sacrificial or making knowledge of dolls work only with lethargic (its stupid design to make 1 passive for 1 doll - here: voodoll). Anyway it used to be passive for dolls but now it isnt anymore... for nobody knows what reason.

Knowledge of dolls - it used to be called Savoir Faire but it seems someone asked for more Dofus related names of specialites, so they changed the name. This passive used to give 4 control to Sadida (instead of 2) so all we needed was 1 item with control for 6 dolls total. It used to not give WP refund for dead doll, but we had 1wp from initiative turn speed bonus instead (basically we were not meant to loose access to dolls permanently, ever), but the problem was with xelors being usually the first one to start the fight (they were stealing our wp bonus) and later on rogues too. This speciality was not increasing dolls effectiveness... but i have no idea why. Why no cmc bonus? Why not bonus to dolls resist or hp? You know what it was inceasing apart of control? The dmg redirected via voodoll (by 20%). So basically sadida had lower dmg but it was increased when sadida was attacking voodoll. This passive was helpful for doll gameplay due to control (leadership back then) bonus and still is. But it could have been better and improve dolls just like it improve voodoll. Why not having both, right?

Green Guard - Obviously its doll-only passive. Back in the days when Doll Link was redirecting dmg from Sadida to dolls, and when Explodoll was doing dmg based on doll's HP, it was really great passive, wich only says one thing to Sadida players: you are meant to take hits for your allies. HP build was increasing HP of dolls as well as your own HP and thanks to doll link Sadida could survive longer, though dolls were gradually loosing their HP. In same time while Sadida was injured , the green guard was triggering to make dolls go mad and attack the target with more attacks (nettle used to give 4AP to dolls when maxed, they had also unlimited MP). Eventually dolls were dieing from doll link and doing explodoll dmg around them. You see, there was awsome synergy between these passives and players could decide wich one to level first.

Lone Sadida - this passive was completly different before. It used to be Still Life passive, wich was ressurecting Sadida with 30% HP in form of a Ultrapowerful doll (that doll had spells of Greedy, sacrifical and madoll doll, but it was still weak so it was more of a last laugh of sadida after Sacrier killed her on clinging to life turn, wich was making Sadida win in the end). What was interesting about this ressurection was that Voodoll (totem) and all dolls that were summoned before Sadida died, were still present and able to help Sadida out (though sadly, sadida in ressurected doll form couldnt make new dolls). So even though this passive was triggered even without dolls, it was better if Sadida had dolls on the turn it triggered.

Now you can cry what we lost.

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Quote (Celay01 @ 20 April 2014 21:48) *
Anything must not have a drop chance lower than %0.1 i think.

What about no pp lock and this:

Common %10 (Grey)
Unusual %5 (White)
Rare %1 (Green)
Mythic %0.5 (Orange)
Legendary %0.1 (Yellow)
Relic fragment %0.1
Relic item %0.001 (For only so lucky people )

Also why high level monsters dont have common and unusual things, we can use them for make runes. All monsters must have each rarity of drops!!
Pretty much this^

And prospecting increasing the % to drop would be fine enough for enutrofs.

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I am still waiting for voodoll to cost 2AP 1WP, so that with 12AP build it will be possible to cast Sadida's Tear twice in the same turn. Currently i can't stop the feeling that they are making Sadida combos with 13AP cost, wich is not possible to achieve without someone who'd give AP before Sadida do anything.

(Voodoll +2x sadida's tear = 13AP)
(2xseed+2x vaporize+rust to increase dmg of dolls and attack with it = 13AP)

Rust with 4AP cost instead of 5 and voodoll with 2AP instead of 3 would help in those combos.
Fun fact of the day: osamodas combo 2x summons +Boohowl is viable with 12AP build (and far more powerful then the above combo of sadida with rust).

However i can tell that on patch with healing change Sadida (lone sadida) got buffed up as healer without the dolls. I belive they changed that voodoll from 4ap to 3AP cost while testing healing spells and they realised that with 12AP build they could make voodoll + cast mudoll 3 times if it had 3AP cost (the voodoll), so i belive thats why we got that change of that voodoll cost.

I am also still waiting for voodoll to not loose health when we use it to REDIRECT dmg via it (like... the hell? Why i am doing dmg to BOTH voodoll AND target of voodoll if i am meant to REDIRECT ALL dmg to the target linked?).

The combo with sudden chill is better with woodland stench (full air build), and yet it was not improved by that 1 ap change. With 2AP 1WP voodoll we could possible cast sudden chill and 2x woodland stench in same turn after the voodoll was summoned. In current state it require 13AP on sadida... so meh.

We still can't cast fertilizer twice after voodoll either (13AP combo wtf).
And combo voodoll+2x wild grass +bramble is still not viable either (in 1 turn) as it also require 13AP in current state.

Casting bramble twice after summoning voodoll was possible before and is still possible, just that now we would be left with 1 spare and not used AP if we play lone build (summoner build could use sic'em more for 1ap perhaps?) so its not much of a change.

Therefore i still think they made voodoll cost 3AP for the sake of mudoll 12AP combo alone. Nothing really changed much apart from this. Voodoll still cost 1AP too much and still die way too fast, even if not attacked by enemy.

I don't know if i should be happy that someone enjoy current sadida as it is - it just make Grou thinks that it doesn't need any changes. Therefore i am not gonna mention any of the "viable" gamplays as they are still not based around doll gameplay. I also feel that the more the community grow used to sadida that we have now (summoner without summons) the less likely it will be for Ankama to change something as there will be more and more players that will simply not want the change to become better summoners, when they prefer raw dmg "iop with brambles" style.

Therefore your post rather dissapoint me more then cheer up. But thats just me, so ignore it. I had hope to see some spoiler of incoming sadida revamp from fr side... guess i will have to wait 1 more year (if ever) to see this coming.

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I know many have problems with helmets and whatnot that cover the head - be it equipement or costume. My sadida have long hair but it often doesnt look good from behind as its hair doesn't appear from under the hat but... somewhere from the middle of the hat (as if i ripped the hat to free my hair). I also saw some iops in costumes having their spiky hair appear around the helmet that should obviously hide all hair inside...

But i can feel the frustration of masqueraiders having their masks destroying the look of insygnia that should cover it.

I heard Ankama plans to add an option to hide the helmet but it won't solve the issue if you want your helmet to cover the mask of masqueraider (or if you want the hat with all hairs inside it).

Perhaps you should report it as bug (visual bug), even if others reported it already.

Graphic designers should care more about the details.

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Quote (Dgrayman4ever @ 18 April 2014 14:25) *
Masqueraider are NOT perfect!!! Air masqueraider could be good in dungeon, but we have less damage then all the other class (rapported to distance), We do less damage when we push enemy, and when we don't, weapon are better!!!
Masqueraider is one of the best dmg dealers in game. Your arguement that Masq deal less dmg then ALL the other classes is invalid as the one with lowest dmg is still Sadida (i dare you if you not belive me make one of your alts as sadida just to see the spells).

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Quote (Fadedscourge @ 19 April 2014 18:58) *
The only way I'd accept an active Tarot ability is if they combine Roll Again with Tarots with 3-1ap cost (lv 0-9) with no wakfu cost and 2 casts per turn, capping the dmg boost from battle at 50% (since tarots will no longer give a dmg boost to earth).

Or simply make the current Tarots cost 2-0ap (lv 0-9) 2 casts per turn.
Thats what i suggest ^^

The point is we would need another passive spell in tarot's place.

Some time ago i was thinking that ecaflip could have the ability to come back to life 1 to 9 times (because cats have 9 lifes, you know ) with obviously some random chance to trigger when dieing. Obviously that could make ecaflips (more) overpowered in current state. Obviously everything can be balanced out. It all depends if players would like such passive (wich could be handy if we would go low on health due to bad cards) or not (ecaflip can be deadly already and its hard to kill one in pvp if it get lucky, so giving it revivial passive could be too much without nerfing the dmg it deal now, and i suppose nobody like "nerfs" even for balance sake or for sake to add new stuff).

Another idea is passive that could reveal invisivble targets near Ecaflip (there used to be one in plans of ecaflip but it turned out to not get implemented to the game due to sram's being the only one who goes invisible (ok and prespics too, but you got the point)).

Perhaps there could be a passive that make some fleeches appear behind ecaflip when ecaflip use feline leap or when ecaflip is hit - to make fleas jump on (or around) attacker?

I belive someone can think about some nice passive that would fit ecaflip style and then it would be nice to merge Roll Again with Tarot to 1 active speciality.

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I don't want mounts either. This game have already problems with keeping stability in connection, wich decreases the more maps we travel through. Even running can give you some freezes from time to time. Adding mounts would only make those freezes appear more often and instead of running faster we will end up with the same speed as now. An easy example is with current dragoturkey system: sometimes its faster to just run instead of waiting for "available dragoturkeys spots map" to load.

Besides if they add mounts there will be less interest in dragoturkeys that we have and Ankama will eventually remove them (dat anticipation). Going further this change will lead to a situation where players will be forced to buy mounts from boutique (or wait whole year to get one - good luck to new players) OR else the average population of the game will have to run from map to map like in the old days where we had no dragoturkey system.

Another thing is that in dofus mounts are in combat too (wich is really bad design). It will be horrible if that would also happen to wakfu. I love the sprite my character have in combat and i don't want to change this. Players should be automatically removed from mounts when the battle start. Afterall mounts are not meant to fight along side us. Even pets are not present in combat, even though they technically give us some stats bonuses.

Therefore i am rather against the whole idea to add mounts as i fear they will gradually destroy part of what is cool in this game. However if they will be designed well, if they won't appear in combat AND if they won't cause more lag and freezes while running (aka if they will really make you travel from point A to point B faster), then i could propably deal with it even if the dragoturkeys would be removed... Propably. Or perhaps Ankama will make dragoturkeys with some kama cost to use (again?) to give some use of mounts and not removing current traveling shortcuts?

I wonder...

Anyway for the purerly aesthrtic sake i would like to ride on giant Madoll (like the one in anime) or tofurby-sized fat greedy doll. ^^ Or the "human-fogernaut" mech that was also present in the anime episodes.

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Quote (maffums @ 19 April 2014 12:54) *
Except a lot of people like tarot how it is, I don't want to have to use roll again all the time just to get cards. If you don't like it you don't have to level it, its pretty simple.
Imo people have points to spend in specialities for a reason. In the end all specialities will be leveled. And you can't simply remove your Tarot for UB fights and get it back for the rest of the game.

Specialities are not the equipement that you might decide to not use. They are something for you to level and once leveled you cannot change that between fights.

The arguement : do not level this or that spciality if you don't like it is silly. So what to do with the remaining speciality points if not spending them in the remaining specialities? Not spending them you say? Isn't that a waste of speciaity points? How come other classes (most of them) can level all of their specialities and benefit from each but you are telling me to not level (ever?) that 1 speciality? So you say i have 9 specialities instead of 10 to choose from? How's that fair? For me it isn't.

Wich is why i am suggesting to make Tarot as active speciality. And i know i am not the only one who'd like that change.

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Quote (Noobility @ 18 April 2014 12:48) *
Anyway in this game I find there's an inverse proportion between fun and getting ahead. If you wanna get the most ahead you need to 6-box, at that point you might as well be playing a ridiculously boring expensive single player game with a lot of grinding. Or you mono box and get the most fun out of the game playing with other people but suck forever if you don't get lucky with drops. Until this contradiction can be resolved the game is always gonna be broken imo. They need to change the game to the point where a mono boxer shouldn't feel disadvantaged in the slightest to multi boxers.
The solution is obvious but Ankama and multi-boxrs don't want to hear about it:
Increase the drop rates and make it impossible to have open more then 1 wakfu game at time.

Ankama is afraid of increasing drop rates because of multi boxers who would get most adventage over it, so they cannot increase it for the mono boxers, sadly. Ankama is also afraid to loose players if they will make it technically impossible to log in on more then 1 account at time, so they are leaving the game the way it is.

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Making tarot not a passive but active speciality (merged with Roll Again, with cost of 0 and 2 use per turn) would fix your problems as in Ub fights you will simply not use it if you wouldn't want the risk. And we would get 1 slot free for new passive. Though i have no idea what that passive could be.

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They sell what they are good in making - the look. If they can't make people pay them for the bugged game, they lure players with costumes. I doubt a game can exist just by looking nicely.

Ankama, go revise what you are asking players to pay for.

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Iop is for begginers - it simple melee fighter that you can meet in most MMO's.
If you prefer ranged gameplay, you may start with Cra - this is archer class.

Personally i started my adventure with Wakfu as Cra but then i met some other classes and i decided to switch to Sadida (sadly sadida has changed since then, but thats another story).

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