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Quote (Karlik123 @ 24 April 2014 14:20) *
siemka chciałbym dołączyć do waszej gildii , gram postacią Osamodas lvl 28
napiszcie jak się zgodzicie
Zagadaj do kogoś od nas w grze, to cię przyjmiemy. Mozesz próbować pisać do: cykcyk, ognik, kendimen, draclu, airstarter, koteczka,

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Quote (Crystalline @ 01 April 2014 09:10) *

Quote (RaeRums @ 27 March 2014 23:41) *
Ticket ID: 1038030
Date: March 20, 2014

Day 7
day 7?
lol mine is 28 days already still no reply
they just need money..they dont care about small things, except it can make all the ppl leave the game
and they cant get anymore money by only sitting and reading complain.....
so its better dont report..later when ppl left 1 by 1 and almost all left the game, then they will understand they missed something
well, mine is about half a year now...
Fixing some players hbs and others don't makes them even bigger assholes.

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Damn, thanks to this I was able to clearly see the difference between casual and main feca user. Feca is not my main and I've stated GorA and Refection to the max, without even considering if I really needed it I must thank you just for this small bit of enlightement.
And about provocation - assuming that pvp feature in pve is not a bug, it is the best feca's spell for bosses. Poor wa wabbit hits allies for 400dmg on crit when provoked. Lets hope that this is this spell's improvement that devs mentioned in one of hotfixes.

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Quote (arthuriko1 @ 21 April 2014 00:25) *

Quote (Noobility @ 20 April 2014 23:01) *
The reasons for not giving back items after a hack are obvious, it's a logistics nightmare. The items might have swaped numerous hands since they were hacked: traded, sold through the market, drop traded, exchanged hands through a guild vault, etc. You can't just pluck them from the hands of whoever owns them now, that person can easily be an innocent player who happened to buy them. Nor can you just create new items out of thin air because this will lead to people faking hacks to "double" their items. A lot of mmos don't restore items after a hack, it's hardly unusual.
Noobility is right. And it actually makes a hell of sense. People get their items stolen like that because they hand their account info to other people, which is clearly against the rules. They take the risk, some lose some don't. It's not Ankama being cold and not caring about the community, it's just the way it works. You can't simply get yourself hacked because you handed your info and then demand all your stuff back like that, I'm sorry.
Maybe it is some explaination for not helping hacked palyers, but what about not returning items "eaten" by bugs?
Situation is clear, no trades were made, no duping risk, no passwords trading, one and only reason of item dissapearance was bug. I don't think that even ankama is incompetent enough to not be able to track down info about item existence in certain player possesion.
Yet, they still don't give a f..k.

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Sadida is not my main, so maybe I've confused smth.
Before voodoll cost change, it was 4 ap, so combo voodoll>2x wildgrass was possible. What makes current option with 1 additional ap so much better? Was there also some dmg change?
And what do you think about voodoll>sudden chill> wild grass? It seems to be better option for team battles, since dds can benefit from -res.

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I will just add that from my experience adding mp and/or range is a matter of convienence, not necessity. The best thing is to save sp, and stat them when after 100lvls of playing you feel like one of them would make your fights more convienent.
Crit and ap are must-haves (well ap not really, but it will take you really long time to get the base 12ap eq, so it is necessary until then).

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posté April 06, 2014, 23:08:45 | #7
Feca isn't my main, and haven't had been using provocation before this spell's fix (that were supposed to take place on one of hotfixes), hence my question - is provocation supposed to have pvp effect (50% final res for allies against provoked monster) in pve? Because I'm quite sure it works like that in pve. Or is it this upgrade of provocation they promised?

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posté March 30, 2014, 23:57:21 | #8
Budget alternative for specialized mouses is combo of joypad+joypad key mapping soft. One hand for mouse other for joypad. One hand can only operate one half of the pad, but it is enough for me. Thumb can reach 5buttons + knob press button and 4 directions of knob, index fingers are pressing bumpers (first for ctrl, second for alt) - this allows to use about 20 spells/actions with one hand. Other half of pad has assigned less often used buttons (R, M, I, weapon, tab for multimen placing).
This allows me to use many different spells with just fingers of one hand, without even moving the hand and almost always I'm forced to wait for animations.

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Quote (SensualWetfart @ 28 March 2014 14:33) *

Create a new ticket and keep a few things in mind:

1) Like any (...)
2) Get all the (...)
3) Developers (...)
So in a nutshell, if you really want some kind of compensation, until you get a good answer from your support requests, keep sending them in (maybe twice a week), keep them polite and concise, and keep a record of when you're submitting them. There's literally nothing anyone on these forums can do you for, other than feel your pain and try to guide you to the right place.

Best of luck getting some of your items back.
1. As I wrote, after my ticked have had been ignored for 2 weeks, I asked CM for help and I got response "we got it and will fix it". When I tried to contact anyone after THEY DIDN'T fix, I got permanently ignored. Right now I don't believe that "support" even exist, it is probably just one guy sorting tickets to "real money related" and "gameplay related". Real money-related are getting taken care of (they solved my ogrine problem in few days), gameplay related are getting bullshit "thank you for patience" automated answer and forgotten.
2. My ticket got answered afters Trolye's involvement, so I assume it was proper (answer turned out to be worthless, but that wasn't because of ticket itself). My dissing on forums - it is not a rage anymore. I'm just doing everything I can to show them as much respect as they showed me. Since I'm unable to fraud them for money as they do, verbal "techiques" are all that's left and still, it is not getting me even close to the level of disrespect that they show to their customers.
3. After my ticked got ignored, I searched forums for similar cases. I have found many same as mine: hb wipe-ticket-ignored. Someone even laughed at ankama because same happened to him in open beta. Turns out that hb wipe was relatively massive in free beta. When it happend to me and others, it was already 1,5 year of paid beta and same, game breaking bug keept appearing. It still keeps appearing. Lets leave this as a commentary to your third advice.

In a nutshell - if any company dealing with rl goods ignored customers as much as they do, it would be down or getting mass lawsuits. And I'm not nurse of retarded to repeat myself with a simple information. Especialy after THEY SAID they got it.

Person who helped you in dofus is probably long gone from ankama. Either he couldn't stand ankama's attitude, or ankama couldn't stand him wasting resources for some lowlife milk cows.

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posté March 27, 2014, 16:02:17 | #10
Can anybody confirm that harvesting in HB is safe?
Knowing ankama, it is very possible that anti-bot will cause severe glitch there, most likely with chest items/hb gems loss included.

This is ankama, "quick questions" don't exist here .

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Quote (OM3GA-Z3R0 @ 25 March 2014 17:55) *
All Feca lovers are free to chase me with pitchforks but this has to be said.

"If Feca's are plain AP giving support, why would we need Xelor's?"

Right now Feca's outshine Earth Sac's tanking armor |not much, fecas armor requires dmg%, sacs don't, sometimes it is better, sometimes worse, definetly not "outshining"| because they have Sacrier's old Armor mechanic which is 100% damage being directed to the armor not to mention the intense Block increase Feca's get, OH and lets not forget the extra lock in passive |missed again, fecas' lock passives are more or less enough to even sacs' dodge steal, fecas are better only at multi-enemy locking| and oh right their Resist up passive for every |ekhm, another miss, after passing 333lock the lock-resist bonus stops raising| lock they have, the only thing good with Sacrier's tanking capability is their map manipulation, can't say I am not surprise people are crying over this while Feca's tank like Gods.

Fecas' tanking deity claim may be a bit too far fetched (bold parts prove why). Still, one of two best tanks in this game. You forgot to add fecas resist lowering ability, very useful, one of it's advantages over sac. I also don't understand why people whine so much because of ap-slave nerf. I must agree however, that 1 per turn is borderline useless. 2 per turn should satisfy both balance and players. Too bad that devs are to hard headed, and every op-ness THEY created and let into game they always nerf to the extreme up-ness.
They should sometimes try to TEST stuff before introducing, it would make everyones game experience easier.

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Quote (Rokugatsu @ 25 March 2014 16:13) *

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 25 March 2014 15:33) *

Quote (smallz117 @ 25 March 2014 14:07) *
so what I (...) a week.
do you really (...)wich one is right?
Earth shields are not enough? Are you serious? With 10AP and no glyphs I can tank most of the things and got no or very little dmg. Giving 10AP was nice but it was OP no matter what you say.If you can't tank with earth feca then you're doing something wrong...

"Giving 10AP was nice but it was OP no matter what you say"
With 7mp cap, you could make 3 ap glyphs max per turn. Glyphs are getting worn out after 3 turns and you have to start creating new ones, so max glyph quantity is 9. Lets assume you have 140ish fecastaff. This makes 9x1,7ap=15ap. Lets assume fight took 4 turns (with so many aps it is hard to make longer fights, no matter the mob type).
3x1,7ap (1st turn)+6x1,7(2nd)+9x1,7(3rd)+9x1,7(4th) = 45ap (rounded). So feca have given only 5 aps more than he had during these 4 turns.
It is not OP, no matter what you say.
It is called support build...
I know that feca had some remaining aps after making 3 glyphs each turn, but being almost immobilized (1mp) after making glyphs (assuming mp cap build) made using those efficiently hard, if not impossible, since mobs are avoiding hi-res players whenever they can.
In my opinion, if ankama halfwits really want to nerf it, 2 per turn limit would be perfect solution - still usefull, but preventing ap-slave builds.

"Earth shields are not enough? Are you serious? With 10AP and no glyphs I can tank most of the things and got no or very little dmg.(...)If you can't tank with earth feca then you're doing something wrong..."
Here I must agree - my feca is cap lvl but still in 100ish eq. 9ap, good lock, good res, pathetic dmg. And his shielding is still capable of negating full attack from fat zwombie + sometimes one or two bits from small zwombie. If someone has tanker with proper eq and has problem to shield with 10ap, then something is wrong. DP is exception, if he could be negated with 10ap shield, then smth would be wrong.

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Quote (MODAtdose @ 21 March 2014 23:39) *
Hey Guys,

I think perhaps you are misunderstanding the purpose of asking everyone effected by this bug to report it. The issue is very well known indeed and noone is asking you to report this bug as if it is either new or unknown.

What is being asked is for all individuals affected by this bug in the most recent update to report their individual case, so that Sabi can take them all to the devs and institute a quick as possible restitution of the items etc that were lost. Without those reports, the only way to determine who has been affected is to trawl through lines and lines of logs, taking a significantly longer time than if Sabi is able to present the accounts directly.

This is the reason I asked you to submit tickets if you hadn't already done so, to help you get your things back as swiftly as is possible under the circumstances. If you still have any questions after reading this, please let me know.

- Atdose
You can't be serious...

-I have lost my HB contents (including LeatherDealer seal) and kamas about half year ago.
-Then I've contacted Trolye, who apparently contacted "support".
-They answered "thank you for patience, blablabla, WE WILL FIX YOUR HB IN THE NEXT UPDATE" (mentioned update was about 5 months ago)
- another attempt to contact "support" through Trolye. IGNORED.
-I gave up

After this you are again trying to sell us "we will fix it, give us info" bullshit?

Very complicated way to spit on us.

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Quote (Gynrei @ 19 March 2014 14:50) *
Giving AP is more fun if you control one of the characters on the glyph

This multi-glyph ap supply seems to good to be true. When I tried it on my xelor, in third turn of fight I had 30ap (with SkaleMM and xel's tricks). And my feca isn't even optimal build for ap supply.
Is it confirmed that this isn't a bug or devs' mistake? Ankama tends to forbid effect stacking for buffing spells.

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posté March 19, 2014, 06:02:13 | #15
Same happened to me about half a year ago. These assholes also said it will get fixed. Obviously, it didn't.

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posté March 16, 2014, 22:50:34 | #16
Earth feca's "orb armor" does not absorb xelors' aging ini steal dmg (tested only on infected dun boss) and zwomwabbits' gangrene ap poison dmg.

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posté March 10, 2014, 21:45:28 | #17
Idk if someone mentioned it before, but feca's orb armor is bugged. So far I've found two examples when damage passes through it - xelors' aging dmg (from ini steal, haven't checked ap steal), and gangrene ap poison dmg applied by zwombits.
It was easy to find that I didn't even bother to report it. I forgot that nobody at ankama plays wakfu, so they are unable to find bugs until it got rubbed in their faces for few months.

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posté February 13, 2014, 16:18:08 | #18
I beg to differ with OP.
"All run" mode is great (no sarcasm, I really like it). Watching this damn walk when time is on the stake for thousands of fights was really annoying.One of really few minor things that ankama managed to improve. All I need now (on this level of issues, ofc) is animation on/off button.
However, I must admit that animation of running through eniripsas' absorbtion zone looks kinda silly.

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Quote (Gynrei @ 11 February 2014 17:27) *

Quote (semcorda @ 11 February 2014 16:13) *

Quote (Celay01 @ 06 February 2014 17:15) *
Best solution is krosmaster style: Timer stops while animations moving.
This, or animation off button. I have already posted a suggestion about this. Bug on eniripsa's regeneration casting (haven't check 11.02 update yet, maybe they fixed it) proves that spells can be cast without animations.

I don't really want animations to be turned off. Nor do I want to add more time to another players turn. The wait between turns is long enough already.

If i was forced to choose the lesser of two evils, animation off is better. But i'd feel like i'd remove it by default because if something ever goes wrong those added seconds could be valuable.

The animations are a part of Wakfu's style and i'd miss them in the name of efficiency and safety.
Well, animations are the second most hated by me part of game. That's why on/off button seems to be the optimal solution. Masochists/easthetitians (is this a word?) can stay "on", rest can use "off". Turn time increase would affect everyone, whether someone likes it or not.

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posté February 11, 2014, 16:13:57 | #20

Quote (Celay01 @ 06 February 2014 17:15) *
Best solution is krosmaster style: Timer stops while animations moving.
This, or animation off button. I have already posted a suggestion about this. Bug on eniripsa's regeneration casting (haven't check 11.02 update yet, maybe they fixed it) proves that spells can be cast without animations.

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