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Important InformationBy: [Sabi] - one week ago
fire Welcome to our new forums! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community to share their WAKFU experience and most of all… to socialize and have fun.  Please consult the Forums Rules of Conduct (here) in order to get acclimated, as well as sharing your feedback on the new layout and current look of the forums (here).
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Beta client error.
By Nox16 4 years ago
2 2668 4 years ago
Characters Missing
By MasterSesshy 4 years ago
1 1977 4 years ago
"Booger" and "Tickle" emote chests not giving what they should.
By Skyshooter1 4 years ago
1 1801 4 years ago
Old wild estate still exists
By HakazabaJub 4 years ago
0 1298 4 years ago
Sufo Village map zooming glitch
By Gnostikos 4 years ago
0 1223 4 years ago
Wild Gobball Dungeon Player hp reduction no state
By Gnostikos 4 years ago
0 1475 4 years ago
Bwork Boss state is not applying.
By Gnostikos 4 years ago
0 1202 4 years ago