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Haven World Gallery - Show yours off!
Squited Arachnee * Member Since 2012-03-04
posté January 02, 2014, 09:14:14 | #41
Damn Snoofles remodeled HW *thanks to Burgles for letting me and Ima manage it* *flails*
2/3, missing a house and a manor which is on the far lefties. I will die if i patch up anymore screenshots


Squited Arachnee * Member Since 2013-11-02
posté January 02, 2014, 09:31:36 | #42
Sorry for leaving those two rye fields out there Ichie. I'll farm them a little more and then clear'm out. Rosa's been diligent about clearing out the herbs she farms

I still very much enjoy what you and Ima put together. It's bloody useful, it is  

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Ugly Gobball * Member Since 2012-03-26
posté January 28, 2014, 09:09:28 | #43
The best way to deal with out of control mobs reproducing in your haven world is first try and put up fences to seperate them , then place decorations right on top of the mobs (houses ,fountains, volleyball net is my favorite) when you place a decoration over the mobs it destroys the mobs..just keep doing this for awhile and you will be able to kill them all easily without having to battle them i hope this helps you guys

Overweighted Chafer * Member Since 2013-03-08
posté February 01, 2014, 23:38:09 | #44
Hey there. Lovely Haven worlds, I hope we can get ours as big one day!
Ashen Lepus' Haven World is located on Wabbit Island. Transportation is close by at either the Wabbit Island boat or Zapp.Currently we are working on Guild Hall 2, an upgrade for our Laboratory and more land space. As you can see, it is getting cramped.Ashen Lepus is named after the rabbit constellation, and given our location, we feel it appropriate to pay homage to our inspiration.We are also in the process of dedication gardens to all classes in the World of Twelve.Our humble headquarters rests at the center of our Haven World.Our Herbalist station and Eni camp, a way to entice our much needed healing fairy friends. We have every crop and tree from level 1-100. Herbalist plants are a little behind, up to level 85.Have a peek inside some of our interiors.
And kick some trees  

Soft Crackler * Member Since 2011-06-14
posté February 14, 2014, 03:56:05 | #45
my special oriental style coffee corner behind our guild hall ♥

Vamp'emo * Member Since 2006-10-23
posté February 28, 2014, 16:57:21 | #46
My haven world is still under construction, but I made my guild hall look nice. ^^


Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2013-06-07
posté March 28, 2014, 20:03:17 | #47
Guild: Elysium
Server: Dathura

Hihi. I swapped servers and became HW manager and think its time to show off the new buildings!


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