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A returning Alpha tester!!

By InfiniteVlair 2014-06-04 16:23
Hello wakfu community, I am very happy to announce my return to the game, many may not know or remember me but I am one of the original alpha testers first landing in Bonta. It was a great experience and a steep learning curve considering I'd never played Dofus previously but with the help of some of my other nation members I quickly got the hang of it. I quickly arose through the community and the nation of Bonta, becoming it's first ever general and personal guard of Bonta's first ever mayor, "Cats".

My adventures through Bonta help me meet very great people and establish my own high Bonta Community guild "Red Throne" and soon after when level 80 was released, "Amiritory". I am very happy to be back to restart my adventures and thank you the community for keeping this game going, for moments like this. I hope any other old players are still around that would be great, but most likely not.

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Missed you so much!! Welcome back Klyo, it's me Himeko!

Makoseraph is still here too
Click here

Most of the beta people are not around though..but the guild is still around. I'll send you a private message
Wow Himeko! A name I could never forget! Im downloading as we speak, hope to see you soon to fill me in on everything!
But Wakfu is still in alpha
Hopefully there will be others returning as well, I miss the old dramalicious community (to a degree of course).

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