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Air Sac looking for Black Crow group

By KabyleGazonne 2013-08-13 09:41
IGN: Rasé ( é command is Alt+0233)

I've been through 5th hundreds of times now and see half of people there in some kinda of BC apparel and I'm wondering where the groups are for that? XD

I'm a lvl 110 Air Sac with full Trans/Attract/Sacrifice and am looking to join any BC runs with slots available. Since I'm Air I'll be able to take the necessary damage from Crows/BC attacks so that the rest of the team can focus on their individual parts.

I've seen the Guild Mostly Harmless video walkthrough of the BC fight and understand my role if that is the common strategy used.
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Hello, just now read your post. If you are still interested in running black crow me
ign: Lopie
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