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Selling Dungeon run/assistance services! © As of April 2, 2014 12:42PM

By Khiire 2014-04-02 06:53
© Hello! Currently I am willing to help with any particular dungeon runs, UBS, or et-cetera for a price range that the person to suggest. Feel free to message me by dropping a message here, my Ankabox, or sending a message in-game! My available characters are...
114 Water/Fire Pandawa ----- Kiki Shochu
108 Earth/Fire Rogue ----- Khiire
106 Earth/Air Cra ----- Ameliorate
108 Water Sram ----- Sylvanii

I'm reasonable as far as prices, and if anything happens to drop during the runs that I do not need, I'm willing to sell them to the person needing the items at a 40% reduced price from the last record of the item sold via Wakfu-elements, or, if I like you, give them for free occasionally!

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Lol. waaaaaat.
What can I say? It's a good way to meet new people and form some good groups for repetitive dungeon runs.
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