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Important InformationBy: [Sabi] - 6 days ago
fire Welcome to our new forums! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community to share their WAKFU experience and most of all… to socialize and have fun.  Please consult the Forums Rules of Conduct (here) in order to get acclimated, as well as sharing your feedback on the new layout and current look of the forums (here).

fire We are currently having some latency/delays in receiving items from purchases of the Steams packs, however this doesn't impact your purchases as we are continuing the celebrate the special Steam sale for the fifth birthday of WAKFU!
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buying these Moon drops
By zapman89 yesterday
0 36 yesterday
WTB St'ki mask, Beach Bandage
By MatteBlack 2 days ago
0 35 2 days ago
WTS Prowler Hat, gear and costume.
By Wolf259 3 days ago
0 35 3 days ago
WTB Borbat Pet
By 111enaud 3 days ago
0 20 3 days ago
WTB Osa Altar
By Meowsa 5 days ago
0 27 5 days ago
WTB Kannivore Cape and Poisonous Leaf
By Balbagan1 one week ago
0 42 one week ago
By Wolf259 one week ago
0 110 one week ago
Is anybody selling Mahogany cuttings?
By NannyApple87 one week ago
1 82 one week ago
WTB Magic carpet costume
By Rrae one week ago
0 50 one week ago
wtb relay kamasword
By Wavechaser one week ago
0 42 one week ago
By titoraptor one week ago
0 45 one week ago
WTS Assorted Large Crafting Tables
By Meowsa one week ago
0 42 one week ago
By KHfan22 4 years ago
1 374 2 weeks ago
Trading Krosmasters Figures
By Th3G0ldf1sh 5 years ago
1 622 2 weeks ago
WTB Dragon Pig Boots/BP (Closed)
By Serpentarius 2 weeks ago
1 108 2 weeks ago
WTS velocity metamorfo blueprint
By mastersloups 2 weeks ago
0 77 2 weeks ago
By Malevolences 3 weeks ago
0 65 3 weeks ago
Ibanez's Retrieve Service
By RhetoricZen 3 weeks ago
4 179 3 weeks ago
By Wolf259 3 weeks ago
0 80 3 weeks ago
when price cutting goes wrong
By kantofox 3 weeks ago
6 510 3 weeks ago
By Alzake 3 weeks ago
0 73 3 weeks ago
By Alzake 3 weeks ago
0 81 3 weeks ago
By zapman89 3 weeks ago
1 148 3 weeks ago
WTT Kokutlass for slippyneedler
By cookoopooo 3 weeks ago
0 77 3 weeks ago
By RynthZero 3 weeks ago
0 91 3 weeks ago
Buying BOTW or Sives Frags 300kk each
By Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3 weeks ago
0 70 3 weeks ago
By zapman89 3 weeks ago
0 69 3 weeks ago
WTB Rice Vinegar and Sweat Jute Fiber
By Smithski 4 weeks ago
0 81 4 weeks ago
WTB Noke Set. *CLOSED*
By Malevolences 4 weeks ago
0 110 4 weeks ago
By Alzake last month
1 97 4 weeks ago
By Wavechaser last month
0 93 last month
Trading for Frida Mofette Costume
By MuriCat last month
0 153 last month
Selling assorted odds and ends
By Yvette-Worldbreaker last month
30 1168 last month
By SSBKewkky last month
7 504 last month
Stasis Warriors Recruiting [Haven-friendly] Market
By AvaratarTeddy last month
1 113 last month
Buying pearly and Opal metamorfrags
By zapman89 last month
0 99 last month
WTB Area-of-Effect Weapons Master's Seal
By Hexot last month
0 74 last month
By Meowsa last month
1 137 last month
WTB Tormented Gear.
By Malevolences last month
0 82 last month
By Hexot last month
0 74 last month
WTB Fanged Cards Blueprint
By EarthMinion last month
0 77 last month
Selling assorted gear (115-130) + 1x Celestial Bearbarian Frag
By Meowsa last month
0 86 last month
By Smithski last month
0 104 last month
WTB Solomonk or Frags (x89)
By Meowsa last month
0 61 last month
WTB Gelano Frags (x46)
By EarthyMadness last month
2 191 last month
By Geneforge last month
1 108 last month
By Elira last month
0 88 last month
S> Cheap high end goods
By Faeyt last month
0 139 last month
By SSBKewkky last month
0 88 last month
WTB Fanged card Recipe ( bought, please close )
By zapman89 last month
0 102 last month