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Wild Wild Quest
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posté October 21, 2013, 14:00:00 | #1
Wild Wild Quest

The Changelog of the update that will be implemented on November 12 is currently under construction. As we explained in our Letter to the Community of October, we will now use this method to inform you as soon as possible, and be more reactive with your feedback. Note however that this changelog will be updated regularly, new content will be added, while other content might be removed or postponed. In any case, we will always give you the reasons behind such decisions.

Bug fixing and improvements


  • Respec for Eniripsas and Foggernauts: Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to all Eniripsa and Foggernaut characters, with the quest “Restate of Emergency”. Please note: To all characters that already have a respect quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!&rdquo, completing the new Respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48h to operate a new Respec.

  • Master Propagator: Will be changed. It will now give +1% Air dmg per AP spent with AP spells (3% at max level).
  • Transcendent: The limitation will be changed to: “can only be cast on the Eniripsa at the beginning of the turn”. It will now be possible to cast it anytime on all the other characters.
  • Unnatural Remedies: Instead of triggering Air spells, it will trigger the next Air spell. The next Air spell will give back 2 AP and remove Unnatural Remedies.
  • Ray of Stasis: Damages changed to 35 (instead of 33) at level 100.
  • Stasis Shot: Damages changed to 46 (instead of 44) at level 100.
  • Pummel: Damages changed to 57 (instead of 56) at level 100.
  • Stomp: Damages changed to 37 (instead of 35) at level 100. Blockades HP changed to 50 (instead of 46).
  • Hammer Claw: Damages changed to 67 (instead of 61) at level 100.
  • Bombardment: Will repeat once for each previous use of Bombardment (max 3). After 4 use, it will get back to 1 repeat. Damages changed to 20 (instead of 23) at level 100.
  • Flambé: Damages changed to 43 (instead of 40) at level 100.
  • Fire Thrower: Damages changed to 77 (instead of 74) at level 100.
  • Flame Fervor: Damages changed to 65 (instead if 70) at level 100. Will no longer turn the target.
  • Steampalm: Damages changed to 69 (instead of 70) at level 100.
  • Motherfogger:
    • Spittleborg: Will give +3 Range instead of +2.
    • Repositioning: Cost changed to 3 AP.
  • Cybot: Cost changed to 2 AP and 1 AP at max level (instead of 1 WP).
    • Retreat: Changed to 4AP, 1-4 Range, 1/turn, swap position with target.
    • Repairs: Changed to 1 AP (instead of 2), 3/turn, give one charge (instead of 2).
    • Microbot: No longer consume AP of the Foggernaut.
    • Teleportation: Cost changed to 3 AP (instead of 2).
  • Armor Plating: No longer gives charge to Microbots but increases Lock depending on the Earth spells used.
  • Groove: No longer gives Lock depending on Earth spells used, but increases the charges of the Microbots and give a bonus of +20 Dodge.
  • Dial: It will no longer be possible to lose more than 1 MP when moving on the Dial while pointing on the extreme edge of an Hour cell.

  • Animations: Sitting animations will be correctly integrated.

  • Dolly Sacrifice, Tree & Explodoll: These specialties will now display the correct bonuses according to the level selected with the slider.


  • [New] Hair color: New hair colors will be available for all classes:
    • Feca, Osamodas, Enutrof, Female Sram, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Iop, Cra, Sadida, Sacrier, Masqueraider: Black and Mauve.
    • Male Sram: Black and Yellow.
    • Rogue, Foggernaut: Black and Green.


  • Weapons (all except the Bloodthirsty and Gray Mage's Wand): Their damages will be normalized and will no longer have additional effects.
  • States and KO: States that weren’t removed when a character was Knocked Out will now correctly be removed at the beginning of a timeline turn.


  • Lenald Family: Jutsu Cataclysm & Little Jutsu Cataclysm will no longer affect KO’d targets.
  • Lenald: Its spell Jutsu Halo will no longer move stabilized targets.
  • Mini Lenald: Will no longer heal all fighters in case of Critical Hit with Jutsu Wisdom.
  • Hoodfella: A Masqueraider Altar will be added as a drop on this boss.
  • Al Howin Gobbals and Ghouls: Their numbers will be tripled to ease the completion of Al Howin achievements.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Black Crow: The quest will correctly complete and give the right amount of experience and Kamas when defeating Black Crow.


  • The Unhuntable Monster Hunter & Howin Heaven's Name...? (Al Howin): They will be modified to fix a completion issue. The objectives Deval Howin & Eval Howin will be removed from The Unhuntable Monster Hunter, and Bubbling Cauldron & Witch Hunt removed from Howin Heaven’s Name…?
  • “Finish the dungeon with a team of 6” (Al Howin): To complete this achievement, you will now have to complete “Witch Hunt” and no longer complete the dungeon with 6 players.
  • Kokokobana, Crazy Piwi: Ultimate, Whirlway Station: The achievements of these dungeons will now give a miniature.


  • [New] New area: Added a new island in Incarnam with more powerful monsters.
  • [New] New locations: Added new locations in Incarnam to improve immersion and roleplay, such as camps and class statues.
  • Souls’ Crossing: Will be slightly modified to place the Incarnate closer to Wolfram.
  • Dojos path: Will be slightly modified for more logic regarding Dojos access.
  • Shortcuts: Keyboard controls will be correctly saved when finishing the Tutorial.
  • Group: It will no longer be possible to create or join a group in the first part of Incarnam.


  • First appearance of the player: On your first arrival in Astrub, you will appear closer to the Statue of Brutas, and farther from Bossowl.
  • Getting back to Incarnam: It will now be possible to get back to Incarnam from Astrub, with a Canoon placed next to Bossowl.
  • Tavern: Its counter will be bigger and a Beer Pump will be added.
  • Temple of Scriptures Zaap: Will be closer to the entrance.
  • [New] New locations: Added new locations in Astrub to improve immersion and roleplay, such as comps and class statutes.
  • [New] New quests: New quests will be added to Astrub to help progression up to level 15 and higher!

Mount Zinit

  • Canoon: The Canoon sending you to Zinit Beach will work correctly.
  • Chapter 1: Rays of light will no longer stack for each additional member in the group.


  • Benches, stools and wells: It will now be possible to place and use them in all Haven Gems.
  • Villains costumes: Added the costume for Villains. Decepticod Costume (2.5% drop rate on him) and Merkator Costume (2.5% drop rate on him).
  • Slave Cloth: Will now become rare and added as drops on Puddlies.
  • WAKFU Mags: All items offered with WAKFU Mags will now be tradable.
  • Profession books and “You Are The Law!”: Can now be stored in the bookshelf.
  • Costumes & Dummies: Dark Hurl Costume and Al Howin Monster Hunter Costume can now be placed on all dummies.
  • Makabras: The Axe, Staff, Wand, and Club will now deal Chromatic damages.
  • Rosal Insignia: Hair will no longer appear where they shouldn’t when this Insignia is equipped.
  • Strange Pickaxe: Picking up this item on a monster will now trigger a quest.
  • The Bloodthirsty: It will no longer heal on anything else but fighters.


  • General: All ecosystems will be reset.
  • [New] Revamp of the first areas: The old HQs and first areas of each nations (the ones with the Jonks) will be entirely redone for better immersion. They will now be “Outposts” designed to protect the coasts of the Nations. You will find the following elements:
    • Clan Member: The CM of the area will now be the Jonk of each Nation. We wanted to put the emphasis on this character since we find it more representative than the old Owls.
    • Profession Masters and workbenches: You will no longer have to run around the entire world to find the Profession you desire. A character will now be available to learn them in this area. You will also find all profession workbenches.
    • Marketplace: A Marketplace will also be placed in this first area, allowing everyone to access it right away.
    • Guild Houses: They will now be directly in the outposts.
    • Transports: HQ boats will still be available there, but we will also add a Zaap and Drago-Express.
    • More story: Small story elements about the World of Twelve will be added for better immersion. You will find guards and statues of the Governors for example.
  • The former areas called “Villages” will be completely modified and directly linked to the Outposts. You will still find dungeons and arenas, and we will add crafting buildings additionally to the tavern. Finally, you will find a special boat on the first bridge of each Nation. This boat will bring you a small island designed to be the political center of the Nation. You’ll find the former HQ and Governor throne, but also the council room and the jail. Later, these islands will be replaced by proper Capitals.


  • [New] Revamp of Wild Estate: You voted for this island to be revamped, and it will be done! You will find content for all characters between level 50 and 70, 2 exclusive dungeons (Wild Gobball and Bwork), 4 new types of monsters (including 2 families) and many quests, achievements,  items, etc. Note that this island will no longer be a conquest island.


  • Guild of Hunters: In order to improve accessibility of the “Kill a Dungeon Boss” quests, notably on Wabbit Island, the need to bring back the boss resource will be removed. You will only need to defeat the boss after accepting the quest to obtain the reward.
  • A Scatter-Brained Chafer: The Headless Chafer Skull will be correctly dropped by Al Howin Ghoul & the Witch.


  • [New] More hierarchy in Ranks: We will add a hierarchy system in guild Ranks. This will allow you to set directly the hierarchic level of each Rank. Rights like “Kick a member”, “modify a Rank” and “Create/Delete/Edit a Rank” will only work on a lower hierarchy Rank.
  • [New] Automatic inactive Leader change: If a guild leader doesn’t log in for 45 days, his rank will automatically be changed to a lower hierarchy rank (see above for hierarchy). The highest hierarchy member, if not inactive in the last 15 days, will automatically be named Leader. If no member fulfills these requirements, nothing will happen until a member does.


  • Recipe Sumi Hat: Slave Cloth required changed from 1 to 3.
  • Recipe Rags: Slave Cloth required changed from 2 to 5.
  • Recipe Sumi Breastplate: Slave Cloth required changed from 2 to 15.
  • Recipe Rope Barrier: Slave Cloth required changed from 5 to 30.
  • Leather Dealer's Workshop: Will no longer require Woolly Legs.
  • Wo Zwombbit Mask: Will be doable by Tailors. The required Armored Support will be replaced by an Unbreakable Thread.
  • Receipe for Astrub dungeons keys: The recipe for all three keys will be removed, and a recipe for the Clans Key added.

Haven Worlds

  • 16 new Haven Worlds: Added 16 Haven Worlds:
    • November 13:
      • Wabbit Island – South
      • Monk Island – Sout
      • Bilbiza – North West
      • Calamar Island – West
    • November 20:
      • Wild Estate: West
      • Shhhudoku Kingdom – Center West
      • Kelba – Pier
      • Forfut – Pier
    • November 27:
      • Wabbit Island – Center
      • Monk Island –Path South
      • Bilbiza – North East
      • Calamar Island – East
    • December 4:
      • Wild Estate – East
      • Shhhudoku Kingdom – North
      • Kelba – Zaap
      • Forfut - Center
  • [New] Rotcere Academy: This new building will offer +5 Wisdom to all Guild members. It will need a Guild Hall level 3.
  • New resources: The following items will now be usable as resources in Haven Worlds: hooks, runes, equipment and weapons (1 point per level).
  • [New] Gathering bonuses for visitors: Bonuses to gathering professions provided by Haven World buildings will now apply to visitors. Here’s the complete list:
    • +5% Forester XP (building: Sawmill)
    • +5% Herbalist XP (building: Distillery)
    • +5% Fisherman XP (building: Fish Farm)
    • +5% Trapper XP (building: Gamekeeper)
    • +5% Farmer XP (building: Windmill)
    • +5% Miner XP (building: Forge)
  • [New] Auctions: You will now see the beginning and end time of the auctions in the interface.
  • Houses information panel: It has been moved next to the door as its previous position could prevent barriers from being closed.
  • Workshops: Added the recipe Raid Boole.
  • Blueprints: They will now be tradable.
  • Non-subscribers leaving a Haven World: Non-subscribers leaving a Haven World on an adventure island will be sent back to the starting position of their Nation (or class, if they don’t have a nation).


  • Whistle: Masqueraiders using this emote will display their animation correctly.


  • [New] Preview feature: More information soon.
  • [New] Button “Sort inventory automatically”: New buttons will allow you to automatically sort the items in your inventory, by type and level (either the whole inventory, or just each bag separately).
  • [New] Character name display: The shortcut “v” (customizable in the options) will now display the name of all characters above them. Characters in your group or guild will have a name in the same color as in the chats.
  • [New] Moving camera: It will now be possible to move the camera with a right click + shortcut “,” (customizable in the options).
  • [New] Button “Sort inventory automatically”: New buttons will allow you to automatically sort the items in your inventory, by type and level (either the whole inventory, or just each bag separately). Note however that it will be impossible to sort your bags during a trade.
  • Default shortcuts: Click attack: U becomes A. Display characters behind walls: A becomes U. End of positioning/End of turn: End becomes Space.

Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey * Member Since 2012-03-06
posté October 21, 2013, 15:14:23 | #2
Lovely although im a bit worried about the Almanax thing. I hope it stays accessible for everyone.
Will the villages be replaced with the designs we saw earlier?

Either way its something to look forward to  

Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey * Member Since 2011-05-16
posté October 21, 2013, 15:58:17 | #3
>>Buildings cost rebalancing: The kama cost will be reduced and the resources cost increased

Nooooo (((

Guild hail lvl 2=2 mil kamas+8mil resource.
Mine 2 mil kamas FASTER then 8 mil resource...

Please low resource cost,and kamas...but do not increase resource...

Soft Crackler * Member Since 2012-02-26
posté October 21, 2013, 18:38:22 | #4

Buildings cost rebalancing: The kama cost will be reduced and the resources cost increased.


I don't believe there is a single guild on any server that struggles with the kama cost while swimming in excess resource points.

Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2011-05-25
posté October 21, 2013, 18:45:29 | #5
Cool! Bworks will finally arrive at Wakfu!

I am also happy seeing that you keep changing Foggernaut after he got it's revamp, wich gives me hope that you will do the same for Sadida, once you get time for it.

Soft Crackler * Member Since 2011-02-02
posté October 21, 2013, 19:06:46 | #6
I am in agreement with Kikuihimonji.

Oh, Sadidas need some divine touch too.

This post has been edited by Niddhoggy - October 21, 2013, 19:07:14.
Ancient Eradicator * Member Since 2008-06-09
posté October 21, 2013, 19:06:58 | #7
Hopefully you add Captain Amakna's Academy to the list .

Bellaphone Lover * Member Since 2013-02-22
posté October 21, 2013, 19:07:28 | #8
I read in a QA that the difference in kamas will be refunded when they modify the HW prices. Can we get an update on that?

Edit: Can we also get more Haven World rights, like allow to move a building but not destroy one, etc.

This post has been edited by EniWayPossible - October 21, 2013, 19:12:52.
Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2011-03-01
posté October 21, 2013, 19:16:00 | #9
This looks very promising! A lot better than what I was expecting wild estate to be when you guys all voted for it.

But this is for november ; _ ; what about al howin??

Bellaphone Lover * Member Since 2012-09-30
posté October 21, 2013, 19:26:01 | #10
can ankama add/fix deposit log in guild bank log too? it only show withdraw atm.

Dokushuuuuu * Member Since 2012-02-19
posté October 21, 2013, 19:38:05 | #11
cool shiz

Teethless Sharkie * Member Since 2013-06-28
posté October 21, 2013, 19:38:38 | #12
Yay, Bworks. Wakfu has almost all of the coolest monster families from Dofus now. I hope that the Cybwork is still around and we will be able to get a Bworky pet ^^, I just need Oni and Gargoyls to be happy. And maybe goblins. Good job, Ankama, once again you prove that you're excellent at monster design. Also maybe Gobbsage will have more company now  

Bellaphone Lover * Member Since 2013-07-14
posté October 21, 2013, 20:10:17 | #13

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 October 2013 19:16) *
This looks very promising! A lot better than what I was expecting wild estate to be when you guys all voted for it.

But this is for november ; _ ; what about al howin??
I hope they haven´t forgotten about that.

Also this update looks great so far, I just hope you don´t get any silly nerfing ideas. Seriously, make sure you keep the nerfs away.

Squited Arachnee * Member Since 2013-03-01
posté October 21, 2013, 20:17:43 | #14

  • [New] New locations: Added new locations in Incarnam/Astrub to improve immersion and roleplay, such as camps and class statutes.

Little typos there.



This post has been edited by Bulbasheep - October 21, 2013, 20:20:23.
Tofurby on Diet * Member Since 2012-04-26
posté October 21, 2013, 20:26:06 | #15
I really would like to know what will happens to HWs that already have more than 3 mine blocks of the same type. This restriction its really annoying. Mine blocks for the HW are for digging ores how many you want. Im really sorry but this is my though about his: ankama is not able or even is lazy to analyse the game for bots and ban then. ... Because of that we're not allowed to dig more ores. Its the same as digging in the world of twelve, you wont get more of it. We could do it with a HW but not you're just taking this option from us.

Short Strich * Member Since 2012-03-21
posté October 21, 2013, 21:51:07 | #16
So you're merging groove and armor plating? Does this mean we are getting a new passive? I am also confused on how you're changing fogginater. It already does not limit us to 5 spells (which is actually pretty balanced tbh).

posté October 21, 2013, 22:29:59 | #17
Groove and Armor Plating merge? Removing Wakfu costs on some stuff for Foggers? Looks like some good stuff, just worried about the Almanax shifting islands each month (god I hope there isnt a protector for wabbit island!!)

That and maybe losing the zaap near our first-auction haven world on Traf Algar are my only worries.

You guys need to seriously implement a temple of scriptures-like reusable potion, or heck even a craftable one.

Looking forward to the wisdom building! Now please add something that makes osa summons not suck knobs and I'll be very happy. Maybe Petting Zoo: adds 250% CCM damage to nerfed Summons

The Sinister Six * Member Since 2012-02-09
posté October 21, 2013, 22:35:41 | #18
No word on Fire Foggers?


Squited Arachnee * Member Since 2012-12-03
posté October 21, 2013, 23:37:38 | #19

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 October 2013 19:16) *
This looks very promising! A lot better than what I was expecting wild estate to be when you guys all voted for it.

But this is for november ; _ ; what about al howin??
the new quests are in the game already with the new rewards (new insignia and decorations), they just need to activate when the time comes.

Mines: Will now be limited to 3 per type, to limit botting and farming.
whats the point of wasting kamas in mines other than farming ores? will u limit fields, fishing ponds, etc too? cause those are farmeable too...

Soft Crackler * Member Since 2008-08-23
posté October 22, 2013, 03:25:39 | #20
"Mines: Will now be limited to 3 per type, to limit botting and farming."

What if we've already purchased more than 3 per type? What will happen then? I don't permit botting in my guild in the first place and the mines are checked and no suspicious activity so far, actually they're hardly used.