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Will you rise to the challenge of Count Harebourg?

By #[Troyle] 2013-04-29 13:00
We heard that Count Harebourg is about to challenge the entire world. Only the most creative will prevail!

Would you be ready to defend your country if Count Harebourg himself was to order it? Yes? Then prepare to prove it… In a few days, the Count himself will challenge you all. And you know, lateness isn’t an option…
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mda... I don't think taht someone can defeat it.)
I cant wait for the dev blog, also this is being released tomorrow. correct?
Yay for new content!
Hmm interesting....It says defend your country!!! Is he going to challenge everyone in the 4 nations or just people on Chillberg????
quest with fight vs count is bugged, cant finish it :/
oooo this seems fun.
Maybe this is the new "Ogrest Chaos"? Bugs ahead wink 
party kills the boss
their strat is announced as a bug abuse
boss gets buffed

(I do hope this will not happen)
Challenge Accepted! :@
Is this a game feature or what?

On the french site we can read "Dans quelque jour le comte harebourg lancera un defi a la France entiere. Seuls les plus creatifs d'entre vous seront (tres bien) recompenses".

It says France. So i doubt the "entire world" troyle is referring at would be the world of twelve.
Maybe this is just some fancy "art" contest.
NO CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!! o.o
How about lazyness! HA!
That will do nicely bring it.
well if it s combat based, how cute because I guess it is just too bad for me since I cant participate with my air sadida. But you guys probably already knew that.

either way, thanks for the new content.

Question though, in the dofus Frigost trailor, he was Count Bagsworth or something.

What gives?
Liberator Bujo rdy for this !
DONT BE LATE GREAT repair first quest bug with count harebourg
its imposible to finish it
I finished it...

but Miss Freezze was a pain for me
"challenge accepted"
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