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[Misc. Guide] How to use Wakfu Elements to sell items (Video Guide)

By JerryDB - MEMBER (+) - 2013-12-29 17:11
My videos are forever in 1080 HD.

In this video I explain how to use Wakfu Element to sell items click here to watch.
What I mean by this is, using Wakfu elements market information and graphs to sell items at a good price in terms of profit or at the very least a price which the item will be brought at.

For a new players I can not stress enough how vital this information is.

I used Wakfu Elements (Click here) in making this video.

I have not covered how to sell an item itself.

Thank you for watching.

I will be making some more guides.

Please feel free to make suggestions as well on what you want to see.
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What a shame no one has commented! So many players need to see this! Great work on the video!
Thank you kindly.

I have decided to compete against myself and make the most amount of guide videos ever, muahahahahahahahahahahahah.

This is only the beginning.
Well I look forward to seeing more! Maybe I'll learn a thing or two myself!smile 
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