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Master Directory for all guides
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Master Directory for all guides Here is the main index for quickly finding the correct sections for the guides.

[Class Guide] Player-Made Guides Directory -These are guides written for the various classes on Wakfu this guides sometimes covers single/dual/tri elements builds. How to play the class, the good and the bad, tactics, equipment and where to level.

Please note there may not be a specific guide for the built you want to create because builds are like opinions everyone has them however you can use other players experiences in for example learning how your class specialities work.

[Guide] How to change servers! -a detailed tutorial on how to switch servers.

Miscellaneous Player-Made Guides Directory - Is a collection of some the written guides on various subjects which is somewhat aimed towards beginners.

Video Player-Made Guides Directory - Is a collection of annotated or tutorial videos on multiple subjects.

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