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Runes don´t have effects in Items!!!

By Frittei 2014-02-02 13:05
Char: Miss-Shiva
Server: Amara
Bug: Runes dosen´t work in Necroforged Belt and Shoes

Picture 1: Stats without wearing Necroforged Belt and Boots (1373 LP)

Picture 2: Wearing the Belt and the Shoes (1606LP which is +133 and not the +169 it should be, because of the 3x +12LP Runes) with "Rune"-Info opened

Picture 3: First page of the item-info, it dosen´t show the rune-bonus either (all other runed items which get the effect do so)

Suggestion: I think it is a problem with support-runes and smith-hammers as i used them to get the LP-Bonus-Runes.
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