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Untranslated text after 2012-10-30 update

By Kuroyanko 2012-10-30 12:44
Below I will list untranslated text that I come across when exploring the new challenges in wakfu.
If anyone discovers other untranslated text please reply to this topic.

Brakmar (Area Quests):
Flask Garden - Troupeaux Tofus
Mr. M's Lands - Troupeaux Bouftous
Mourning Wood - Troops of Scaras (description)
Pabong Fields - Troops of Striches (description)
Sidimote Moors - Troops of Stalagmotes (description)

Since it seems almost all area's in one nation have been affected by this I expect the problem to be everywhere but will check other nations when I have some more time today.
First Ankama intervention
Thank you, this has been reported.
See message in context
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its seems all horde quest is not yet translated it happen in bonta too , in each area for the horde
Thank you, this has been reported.
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